Stax L700 MK2 or Sennheiser HD800s?
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Dec 2, 2010
Hi guys, I'm having a hard time choosing between HD800s and L700 MK2.

I have auditioned both headphone/earspeaker, and both were excellent to my ears. I love the large soundstage from HD800s while, detailed and fast sounds from L700 MK2 are hard to ignore as well. Comfort wise, there are no issues with wearing these headphone/earspeaker for long duration though, I presume that the velour pads on HD800s might be more comfortable and less sweat-inducing in the long run.

Budget wise, I'm able to afford one of them plus a STAX energizer. I already have JDS Labs EL stack which, will be paired with HD800s. As for STAX, I will grab a used Stax energizers to pair with L700 MK2.

I mainly use my headphones for listening to EDM, J-pop, chill, rock, metal and traditional music (folk), classical. I also use it for gaming with a mix of RPG and FPS (PC and Switch). I also watch a lot of movies, dramas and anime.

All in all, both headphone/earspeaker are very tempting and I wish I could acquire both of them. However, I just want to pick one for now and may get the other one later down the road.

Thanks guys and I appreciate your help.

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