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Static issues?

  1. JudgmentZefhyr
    My pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CK100PRO just arrived but I seem to be having some kind of static issue. I'll try to describe the static issue and if anyone has any idea at all of how I can get rid of it, it would be great.
    The static is constant even if no music is on. If the volume is turned entirely off, I don't hear it but the moment I turn the volume on even a little, I start hearing the static.
    So far, the static appears on my Vita, 3DS, DS, PC, Iphone, and Ipod, which is almost everything I have.
    The strange thing is....when I plug it into my PSP, there is no static at all unless I turn it on max volume. The moment I drop one level from max, the static is gone.
    The static is strong on Vita, 3DS, DS, and Ipod but weaker on Ipod and PC. On those two, I can block out the static with music but on the other three, even with music, I can hear it slightly.
    The static goes up slightly when I turn the volume up. I tried using a DAC in between the earphones and the source but it didn't help, the static is still there. By alternating between multiple other headphones/earphones, these are the only ones that have it.
    The seller is trust-able and I have reason to believe it was fine before arriving. Anyone know what might have affected it to have this static? Anyone know how might I fix it? Could it be an issue with the plug? Or worse case scenario, the earphones themselves?
  2. ryanjsoo
    The static is probably caused by the amp/dac in your devices, the ck100 pro`s are very sensitive so they will pick up static to a more noticeable extent than  most iem`s, It could also be in the audio tracks of the songs themeselves if they are low bitrate or poorly encoded.
  3. JudgmentZefhyr
    That's an interesting and plausible suggestion. Would you suppose that the CK100PRO are more sensitive than the Audio-Technica ATH-W1000X or the Sennheiser HD650? I've tried both of those with the same sources but there isn't a single static/buzzing/hissing noise.
    Also, the strangest thing is....the moment I plug the CK100PRO into the Fiio E7 (DAC), I get the static noise before the source is even plugged into the DAC.

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