1. Hyl

    Custom IEM choice (only a few choices due to country restrictions )

    I have finally decided on getting a pair of custom IEM's after using universals for so long and i don't think that there are better choices for universals than the SM3 and ATH-ck100 that I own.   Because i live in the Netherlands, i am limited to only a few iem's that i can buy. I don't...
  2. urtv

    Issue with CK100PRO cable

    When I first got this iem the cable would stay on my ear but now when I use them, just turning my head with make the cable come loose and fall off my ear. Did the cable read the end of it's life or is there a way to fix it?
  3. JudgmentZefhyr

    Static issues?

    My pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CK100PRO just arrived but I seem to be having some kind of static issue. I'll try to describe the static issue and if anyone has any idea at all of how I can get rid of it, it would be great.   The static is constant even if no music is on. If the volume is turned...
  4. TK277

    Advice for a detail-oriented setup

    Hey all. I'm looking into my next set-up, dream or otherwise. Over the past year I put a lot of my money into exploring portable iems. I think I found my preferred sound in the process. Of all the gear I have been able to experience thus far, my ATH-CK100PRO iems are my absolute favorite. I find...
  5. rbf1138

    Which tips am I looking for?

    I'm trying to figure out which kind of tips I have that I really like so I can buy extra pairs. The main issue is I love the small silicone tips that come with the CK100Pros because they offer me the best fit when on my TDK BA200s, but I'm getting rid of the CK100Pros! Where can I buy these same...
  6. Zorander

    Slim DAC/Amp for Galaxy Note 2

    I have been using my AT-CK100Pro iem driven directly by the Note 2 and using Neutron MP player. It sounds good to me if a little strong in the upper registers at high-ish volume. I have been contemplating an upgrade to this setup. For comparison sake, I tested the CK100Pro on an old rockboxed...
  7. Randius

    Audio Technica CK100 PRO! ATH-W3000ANV!

    Audio Technica has just announced an update to the CK100. The CK100 PRO features a new design, has woofer, mid-range and tweeter drivers and surprisingly (or maybe not) removable cables! However, the connector is unlike all we've seen so far. It should be available on 18th of November    ...
  8. kjk1281

    Audio-Technica's First Triple-Driver IEM: ATH-CK100

    At a press conference yesterday, Audio-Technica announced their lineup for November. Three models were present, including the first triple-driver universal IEM ever produced by a Japanese manufacturer. AT boasts that their new CK100 is the smallest three-driver IEM on the market (as of...
  9. urtv

    DAC/AMP recommendations

    What are some slim DAC/Amp that can be used with my pc as well as pmp(Sony) and maybe android phone(low priority)? The FiiO e18 seems to work with pc but is that the best in the price range, ~$200? Going to be using it with my CK100Pro and ES10.
  10. rOAdeh

    SOLD: Audio Technica CK100Pro

    Bought these recently brand new, but they don't really fit one of my (admittedly oddly shaped) ears very well. Just wanting to see if there's any local (preferred) or international interest in them?   They look brand new, and I have all packaging. Have only used in the included silicon tips...
  11. jpmaster

    IEM for hans zimmer

    I'm newly on the market for new headphones. I already have a full size headphone for at home. Which iem do you guys recommend for hans zimmer's music in the 100-400 dollar range (man of steel soundtrack is awesome btw)? thanks.
  12. atistatic

    Hard Iem Choice

    I want flat, transparent natural (not colored) and detailed IEM, i was thinking around of 400box, im thinking to buy CK100Pro or ue900 what do u say guys?
  13. InternetSandman

    suggestions for IEM's for public transit commuting

    I'm currently using a pair of Sennheiser HD 449's when I'm on my commute to and from work on the bus, and in a few months I'll be going back to school which will necessitate a 2 hour long transit commute, and I'm looking at various IEM's and pondering the benefits of the noise isolation, but I...
  14. daniel521

    IEM that is balanced but fun?

    I had purchased the PFE232 because I thought their v-shaped signature would be fun and energetic. I was wrong because their mids were too recessed for me and I wasn't impressed, they definitely weren't fun for me. After returning them, I tried looking for a mid-centric model here at head-fi, but...
  15. denis


    These earphones are in very good condition. There is a few scratches on the metal. They come in their box with all the original accessories.   0€ including shipping to EU + paypal fees (shipping to the rest of the world +15€ + paypal fees)
  16. cogsand gears

    FS Audio Technica ATH-CK100 IEM's PRICE DROP

    Boxed with all original accessories apart from the cleaning cloth.   3 pairs of silicone tips 1 pair of foam tips 1 carry case - has slight marks on.     IEM's in good condition. There are a few blemishes on the titanium parts of the housings, but there in perfect working order.   Price...
  17. lilaznb0i1

    FS: Audio Technica ATH-CK100 IEM RRP $500 PRICE DROP

    Hi! I just bought the CK100's but it doesn't suit my kind of music. I've used it for around 5 hours, but they're basically new. Please make an offer. Shipping from Australia to anywhere and accepting Paypal. Price Drop $350->300
  18. takoyaki7

    Audio Technica CK100 ATH-CK100

    Up for sale are my Audio Technica CK100      Complete with original box, tips, cleaning cloth, case, and materials. They look about as close to new as possible. I have given them less than 20-30 listening hours total. 
  19. dilkrac

    Audio Technica ATH-CK100pro only a few weeks old price drop

    I bought it straight from Japan a few weeks ago but it did not really fit well in my ear so here i am. I used them for less than 5 hours for the first week and it has been sitting in my room since then.  Everything that came with it will be shipped out to you.   Shipping to US add $10...
  20. xinghui0711

    WTB: Audio-Technica ATH-CK100pro!

    Wanted a pair of audio tech. Ath-ck100pro. Please let me know, and we can work out on the price and shipping.
  21. tomscy2000

    Audio-Technica ATH-CK100 PRO

    Selling for a friend --- ATH-CK100 PRO in excellent condition. Comes with all original packaging and accessories, as well as Japanese warranty card. Extra five pairs of Comply T-200 foam tips (Grey). Price includes worldwide registered shipping w/tracking. Pay the difference if you want...
  22. bocur

    PRICE DROPPED!! Audio Technica ATH-CK100 Triple Balanced Driver Japan Made - Shipped!

    Hi; There is incredible Metal Music iem here! They are mint condition just like new. I really love tihs iems but I want to buy some over ear headphones. Price includes shipping Worldwide with tracking number. Buyer pays Paypal fees. Thanks Yağız
  23. sonickarma

    Audio-Technica ATH-CK100 - Excellent conditions, items included shown in pictures - UK SELLER/TRADER

          Audio-Technica ATH-CK100 - Excellent conditions, items included shown in pictures PRICE:    UK £195 FREE Recorded post  (Add £10 for insurance)    EU £220 with signed for post  (Add £15 for insurance)    OTHER: £230 with signed for post  (Add £20 for insurance)  ...
  24. SmettMark

    Audio Technica ATH-CK100 for rock and metal?

    Will the audio technica CK100 perform well for rock and metal? I listen to vocals which will be good for the CK100, but I also listen to a lot of metal. Also, is the CK100 easier to find in Japan?
  25. vvs_75

    SOLD: ATH-CK100pro

    Up for sale excellent  ath- ck100pro. Got them few months ago from Japan and put on very few hours on them.     Price: SOLD shipped in CONUS.