SS amp choices in light of equip and musical tastes
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Oct 23, 2005
I'd like to have a SS amp to compliment my Yamamoto tube amp. I am learning that it is important to not just match amp to headphone and to source for that matter but musical preference is another key variable in the equation. I like the Yammie/AT W5000 combo a lot when I listen to jazz either on CD or FM. But I also listen to a lot of classic rock and progressive rock--favorites incl King Crimson, YES, Peter Gabriel and Roxy Music to name a very few. I rarely listen to classical music, BTW. My sources, I must say are very revealing and include a Lector CDP 7TL player, a vintage Kenwood tuner, both fed througha VAC Rennaissance (sp) II pre-amp. I do use the tape out loop so I don't think the VAC processes the signals that go to the headphone amp.
When I do listen to rock I find myself returning to use my Grado HHF-1's. They are more lively, in your face, the bass seems deeper and more punchy than the AT's. I also used to play drums and am sensitive to cymbal sound and timbre, the more I can feel the metal of the cymbals the better I like it.

So I am considering the additon of a SS amp, mostly for rock. I had an interesting correspondence with headfier Penchum about the use of SS recording equipment in the 70's and synergy with SS components for playback.

with that as background, I'm considering GS-1, Stello heaphone amp, Graham Slee Solo, CI Audio VHP-2, and the hard to find Blue Circle from Canada. Also PS Audio GCHA. I would like them to mate well prmarly with the HHF-1's and secondarily with the AT's.

Any advice, previous experience, and even suggestions as to how to think about this decision process would be helpful. The best solution, to try each one, and decide for myself, is not too practical so I look to the wise forum


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Feb 22, 2007
personally I'd get a GS-1 or VHP-2. I hear they are very transparent and since you want a compliment to your yamamoto, which is warm sounding, then a transparent amp would be good to have. My Stello DA220 was VERY warm sounding, very tubey. Not sure about the Slee Solo.
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Jan 4, 2006
Copenhagen, Denmark
The SBH that Skylab and I have will handle everything I throw at it from Johnny Madsen, a throaty danish rocker, to Nina Simone. It's not hard to find. Call Blue Circle Audio or email them. Write Skylab. Write to me. This is a terrific headphone amp and a fantastic preamp, as well, in the configuration I have

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