SRM-007t vs SRM-006t
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Oct 3, 2005
I bet there's a difference but how big is the actual drifference between these two.
Is it a difference that will show the moment i switch amp or do i have to use a 007t for a time and then switch back to the 006t see the difference??

I'm using the 006t with O2 and 404 (soon 4070
and i think it sounds perfect!
Wonder if it's really worth that kind of money.
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the difference is 001

but seriously, I can't comment on sound but there's at least 2 more tubes and a bigger power supply in the SRM-007t. Specs also state that the SRM-007t has higher power output.

I'll leave the sound impressions to others who have heard them.

Did you buy the SRM-006t from a shop? Maybe you could go back and audition the SRM-007t, or see if there are any stores near you. You could even bring along your phones as a reference.
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I bought everything from japan and there's noone that sell stax in sweden so i have a slight problem..
would've auditioned them if i knew anyone that sold stax though.

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