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SRH1540 or HD700?

  1. -Frankz
    So I've been into lossless music for several months and I decided its time for a new headphone. The Shure SRH1540 were the ones that caught my eye with countless good reviews/awards and it has soft velour earpads(a must for me). But yesterday I noticed the Sennheiser HD700 headphone was being priced at about the same price as the SRH1540's.  
    Then I started doing some research on the HD700, mainly read the HD700 thread/reviews on this forum & also looked on several other sites. Generally the reviews are very positive but then again some aren't. It makes it hard for me to make a descision cus the HD700 seem like a very good deal at 500€(currently 100€ off on amazon.de) compared to the SRH1540 at 490€.  
    So I'd like some input from you guys on whether I should go for the HD700s or not?  
    You guys can also suggest other headphones but try to focus on the HD700/SRH1540 dilemma
    Some extra info;
    Budget: 450-500€
    Music: Drum & Bass(the darker type), House, 90s House/dance, Dubstep, Hans Zimmer
    Ear Pads: anything but the leathery type of earpads(skin allergy)  
    Thanks in advance!
    -Small note, unfortunately I'm not able to test any high-end headphone at any store here in Belgium, they only display headphones up to 300€(mainly Beats and Bose -.-) or else the descision would be a lot easier to make :p.
  2. billybob_jcv
    The HD700 is a very polarizing headphone. Some folks love them for the detail they can extract from a song and their comfort. Other folks find them way too sharp and bright. I'm afraid there's really no way to know which you will be unless you hear them. What other headphones have you heard?
  3. -Frankz

    Thank you for replying! I unfortunately haven't been able to try out that many headphones. The only memorable one was a 300-400€ BOSE headphone at the store. It definitely sounded better & more detailed than what I have at home(a gaming headset) but it felt like the bass was too much/exaggerated on it.
  4. KG Jag
    Then the next best approach is for you to read these and tell us what appeals to you (as well as what doesn't) and why:
  5. -Frankz

    Read many reviews but hadn't found those yet! It took me a while to read both reviews & write everything down. Please keep in mind I'm not as technical as these reviewers when it comes to describing & commenting on the different types of sounds :p.

    Use case;

    Will wear these for 6-8hrs/day possibly, great comfort is a must.

    Will only use them indoors.

    Head size: Large

    Music style:

    Mainly Drum&Bass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6_Fc-fhgIc

    Other music I listen to once in a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWD7k6TrJ-g & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm13pXbqQvY

    These three songs cover the range of music styles I listen to.




    What I like:

    - Looks great

    - Build quality seems to be very good(metal/aluminum construction)

    - Replacable perforated alcantara earpads

    - Sound great(of course lol), seems to lean towards the bass-side which is fine for me, as long as its not exaggerated.

    - Everyone compliments their comfort although I am worried about a few things(look below)



    - Drop off at the low bass? - I think drum & bass/dubstep use this type of bass a lot

    - Headband - the padding looks a bit small/thin, might feel not as comfy anymore after x hours of wearing.

    - "Moderate" clamping force? - this might annoy me after x hours of wearing.

    - Quote: “The ear capsules do not rotate forward and back, and have no folding feature. Initially, this lack of rotation was a bit worrisome as it limits how much adjustment is available for a good fit.” – I own a headset that has rotating earcups and i find myself adjusting them several times a day(which I like)

    - Quote: “At loud listening levels, they were a bit too elevated in the treble, and a bit loose and elevated in the bass for me. But I know other's who enjoy a bit of that "U" fun EQ will say I'm nuts and these are spot on for them.” – I like to turn up the volume a bit when listening to my favorite songs.

    - Closed headphones - ears might get sweaty after x hours? The earpads do seem to be made to let air pass through them though..



    What I like:

    - Looks great - like the design more than the SRH1540s

    - Replacable velour earpads

    - Warm sound - i read this on almost every review about them, definitely sounds exciting!

    - Heftier bass presentation compared to hd800 – seems nice, I like a snappy/punchy bass.

    - Comfort is excellent, rotatable earcups, thicker padding on the top

    - Open headphones – ears won’t get hot nearly as fast as with closed headphones, won’t need to take these off when someone’s talking to me.


    - Treble “problem” – honestly I’m not too sure what to expect from this

    - Open headphones – don’t know what to expect from this when it comes to the sound it’ll produce, I’ve never tried an open pair of headphones before.

    - Build quality? Read in other reviews that they're made out of plastic, might break if it falls on the floor?



    Open vs closed:

    - Currently I have a closed headset and have to slide back one of the cups each time someone’s talking to me, I can definitely live with it but it would be nice if I didn’t have to do that all the time.

    - With the earcups of the SRH1540 not being able to rotate, it wouldn’t allow me to let one earcup rest on the back of my head? So I’d have to completely take them off whenever someone’s talking to me. I don’t think i’ll have this problem with the HD700, since it’s an open headphone and the cups rotate a tiny bit.

    - The isolation of closed headphones and sound leaking of open headphones, doesn’t really matter to me, whichever sounds best I guess.



    Also both headphones come at roughly the same price!

    Shure SRH1540 - 489€

    Sennheiser HD700 - 495€

  6. KG Jag
    Well done.  I won't be of much help from this point forward because our preferred music genres are so different; I have not yet hear the 1540; and am not a bit fan of the 700.  In fact to my ears and for my favorite genres (all forms of American roots music from bluegrass to blues to rockabilly to classic rock and more), I would probably select the downline HD 600 and HD 650 for general use.
    I can tell you that wearing headphones from 6 to 8 hours a day is a very long session, even for the most comfortable headphones. Further, headphone comfort is a very individual thing.  Sizing and sensitivities are unique to each person.  We can point you to headphones that are generally considered to be comfortable and mention others that have garnered complaints for being uncomfortable.  However, the only way to know for sure is to wear them yourself for a time equivalent to your longest listening session.  In this case the 700's are generally considered to be above average in comfort.
  7. -Frankz

    Thanks either way, you've definitely pointed me in the right direction! Six to eight hours a day is indeed quiet long and past a certain point any pair of headphones would get somewhat uncomfy. I guess I just wanted to be very clear that comfort is important to me :).
    If anyone else is able to take away any concerns I have on either of these headphones please do so!
  8. -Frankz

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