Spring VA, DC, MD Macro Meet @ 5/17/2008
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May 15, 2005
*NOTE: First of all, I like to apologize for not communicating with fellow head-fi members regarding the meet. I have been stuck in Manila for extended time trying to wrap-up my business here so I will not have to return (ever) again. In that effort, it consumed all of my time plus had no other interest than getting home ASAP. I will be returning home on my flight 10 hours from now...and landing in VA in 34 hours from now, on 5/15. If any of you are still interested in the meeting...I would love to host it after I recover from this extended trip. I will check this post regularly when I return home on 5/15 and try to setup the meeting. Again...my deepest apology for "dropping the ball".

It's time for VA, DC, MD annual micro meet that's fast becoming a macro meet at my home.

Anyone in the DC metro area is welcome to attend. Please PM me with gears you will bring.

NEW Date: To be Determined
Time: Starts at 1pm - 6pm
Location: Leesburg, VA (I will PM the address one week before the meet)

Food: No need to bring...I will provide
Fees: None...just bring your brain, body, and clean ears

Gear list so far (I will update it regularly):

Ultrasone Edition 9 (slwiser)
Ultrasone HFI-780 (slwiser)
ATH-ESW9 (slwiser)
Shure SE530 (Dreadhead)
Stock Balanced Senn HD650 w/stock Headroom cable (Dreadhead)
Modded Balanced Senn HD650 (SK138)
Modded Balanced Senn HD580 (SK138)
Modded Balanced Sony F-1 (SK138)
Stax Omega II (vpivinylspinner)
Stax Lamda Professional (vpivinylspinner)
Headphile ATH-A900 Woodies w/ Sony CD-3000 drivers (vpivinylspinner)
Markl modded D5000 - aka R10 killer (Bazile)
AKG K701 with Mogami cable (ethebull)
Markl modded balanced D5000 - aka R10 double killer (Dreadhead)
Grado SR-325i (Eugene Kwon)
Senn HD-600 (Eugene Kwon)

Source / DAC:
Cambridge Audio 840c (SK138)
Modded Technics 1210MKII Turntable with Denon DL160 cart. on Sumiko head and KAB fluid dampener (SK138)
Pioneer PL12DII Turntable with AT 440MLa (SK138)
Music Hall 2.1 Turntable (SK138)
Lavry DA10 (slwiser)
Squeezebox 3 (SK138)
Apple PowerMac G5 with ITunes Library with over 7000 music (SK138)
iMod 5.5g (slwiser)
iPod Nano 3 (SK138)
Benchmark DAC1 (Dreadhead)
Rega Apollo (yotacowboy)
Sony SCD-9000es (vpivinylspinner)
Apogee Duet (SK138)

HeadAmp GS-X (Dreadhead)
Yamamoto Sound Craft HA-02 (two!!) (slwiser)
RedWine Audio Clari-T with SLA battery (SK138)
Modded Super T-Amp with SLA battery (SK138)
Modded T-Amp Gen 2 with SLA battery (SK138)
HagTech Bugle phono Preamp (SK138)
Total Bithead (Dreadhead)
Xin Reference, beta with 22kµF (slwiser)
Trends TA10.1 (yotacowboy)
Stax 007t (vpivinylspinner)
RSA Tomahawk (vpivinylspinner)
Newly built Balanced B22 (vvs_75)
Pinky modded X-Can V2 (Eugene Kwon)
Apogee Duet (SK138)

Modded dbx soundfield speakers (SK138)
Omega 3 speakers (SK138)
Modded Paradigm Atom speakers (SK138)

Cardas Senn balanced Senn cable (SK138)
R&B Grace 52 balanced Senn cable (SK138)
DiMarzio Balanced Interconnect (Dreadhead)
Virtual Dynamics David "R" series RCA-RCA with Cardas Rhodium XLR-RCA adapters (slwiser)
Virtual Dynamics David Digital RCA (slwiser)
Virtual Dynamics Power 1 and 3 Power Cords (slwiser)
VHAudio Pulsars w/ Copper Eichmann Bullets (yotacowboy)
VHAudio unshielded "Fine silver" IC's w/ Furutech Rhodium RCA's (yotacowboy)
Oyaide PA-02 IC's w/ copper Bullets (yotacowboy)
Vampire OCC-II w/copper Bullets (yotacowboy)
ALO Au/AG iPod dock (vpivinylspinner)
Nordost Quatro-fil Reference (vpivinylspinner)
TG Audio SLVR Power Chord (vpivinylspinner)
Custom Power Cord Top Gun Power Cord (vpivinylspinner)

ALO Auricap Doc (slwiser)
ZeroSurge + power stripe (slwiser)
Cryo-Parts Cryo-Max III w/ Furutech gold ends (yotacowboy)
Cryo-Parts Cryo-Max III w/ Oyaide P-079's (yotacowboy)
Cryo-Parts Cryo-Max III w/ Furutech gold & secret sauce shielding (yotacowboy)
VHAudio Flavor 2 w/ Furutech Copper ends (yotacowboy)
Some DIY Roller Bearing footers (similar to the expensive Symposium stuff) (yotacowboy)

grawk (try)
yotacowboy (try)
daveDerek (better come!)
Bazile (try)
Eugene Kwon
scompton (try)
TheRobbStory (try)
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Sounds good to me.
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there's no way i can make a firm commitment at this time but i sure would like to attend (and i may have a couple of cool pieces to bring along). i've been promising you'd i'd attend a dc area meet for quite a while. mebbe the time has finally come....
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Originally Posted by SK138 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I am mainly waiting for my custom preamp/headphone amp based on 4 Western Electric 408A tubes with tube power rectifier to be build by end of this month

please do tell more about this!
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Originally Posted by daveDerek /img/forum/go_quote.gif
please do tell more about this!

Lets keep this baby as a surprise....
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Dave...that's a long *ss story that starts with Northwest airline loosing my main luggage when traveling to Manila on business with friend's 1954 Grey Garrard turntable platter inside that has total worth over $5,000
Come to meet and I will tell you the sad story...and ongoing battle with NWA.


Originally Posted by daveDerek /img/forum/go_quote.gif
please do tell more about this!

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Bring it so we can compare it with my other T-amp collection. I had that amp before until I fried the board feeding too much voltage


Originally Posted by yotacowboy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Hey everybody, I've also got a stock Trends TA10.1 I could bring if anyone is interested!

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I should be able to make this meet. I PM'd my gear list.
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Originally Posted by Akathriel /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Id like to try to make this although its far out. Need to check my schedule though.

Bernie, if you and your pf-1s are there, i don't know how i couldn't be too!
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Originally Posted by daveDerek /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Bernie, if you and your pf-1s are there, i don't know how i couldn't be too!

I'd really like to, I haven't been to one in a while. I don't know why but headfi meets are ALWAYS in April. And so are all the national jazz competitions and International Baccalaureate Exams. If I can come Ill bring everything I got, including a pair of small Qualias if anyone would like to try those.

Edit: Dave your profile looks like you picked up a pair. Congrats!

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