Sports car advice: Rx-8 or 350Z (used, 14-18k to spend)?
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I have a Datsun 240Z. Go here and click on the "Car Talk discussion forum" to post your question there. Also click on the "350Z Tech forum" for questions related about the car itself or to just read about everyone's questions or problems with the car. If you're getting a 350Z this site is incredibly useful. Good luck!

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I am surprised no one has mentioned the only other mazda with all-weel drive. The Mazdaspeed 6 has around 280HP and has AWD. Give it a shot while you are at the mazda dealer driving the rx-8.
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I didn't read the whole thread but a used Infiniti G35 might be pretty good for you. Its safe, rwd, pretty quick, handles alright too. There are many under $17000 in my area.
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If you want something that survives punishment, I'd build out a Mustang or Camaro with racing parts. For $18k, you could build one nicely and then beat the snot out of it. Replacement parts are cheap and you can work on it yourself.

I agree.

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