source gear for a car
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Apr 13, 2008
Hey guys,
I listen to music in basically three ways
I have a nice high end sound system in my car
From my computer
and just handheld.
i honestly forget the brands of my gear (i know thats embarrasing)
but it goes computer to mobile DAC/amp then sennheiser phones
or ipod touch to dac to in ear phones
or ipod to head unit in car
I'm getting a new phone in a few months, and I think I will use it instead of my ipod touch.
That means im looking for a replacement portable audio player. all i care about is high quality sound. it will be used primarily in the car. I have an excellent amp, so if it has a line out, that is good news.
I'm hoping phones are good enough as audio players now taht they can replace my touch. hopefully i can get a line out on those too, snce that is a nice feature of the touch.
My computer set up will be the same, and the mobile set up would hopefully just replace the ipod touch with a phone, and the car set up would replace the touch with a new mp3 player with nicer audio.
I dont need a good equalizer, my car has that. Intuitive would be nice, since im driving.
im thinking maybe what ill do is end up using the new phone for everything, if it is good enough. it would completely replace my touch; i just dont know if there are any phones that can do that.
Thanks for the input!
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If you've been using a Touch, how about picking up the iPhone 4 in 32GB? It should work with everything you have and the iPhone 4 sounds pretty good - I have the 16GB version.
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Lol I didn't even know the iPhone 4 was out. 32gb on ebay for $1100-$1800aud. Wow lol...If you can afford the iPhone 4, you should probably shoot for that, or the 3GS if it is more in your budget...
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Do you have any non phone suggestions? I don't have ATT
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Really confused what you are looking for.  Sounded like you wanted an all in one phone/media device.  Now you don't want a phone?  
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Oh ok sorry.
I am getting a new phone this year, but I'll take care of that later. Hopefully i would be able to use it as an all in one, but I dont know if any of them besides the iphone can actually handle music well, and im not getting an iphone. att sucks. that being said, I am looking for opinions on the best input for a portable media player. basically, what should replace my ipod? if windows phone 7 or android can do it, then ill be happy, but im guessing the best quality will come from a dedicated media player with a line out. I was hoping for opinions on that.
so basically, any phone but the iphone (blackberry, android, winphone7) or a dedicated media player- what is best for a nice quality system in my car and listening while walking?
thanks, and sorry i was confusing.
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Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry can all do music 'fine' whether portable or car.  None that I know can do LOD though and the SQ should be below the iPhone.  I have a winmobile device and I can play every format out there along with a 10 band EQ but its not up to my desired standard so I only use it for movies and not music.  If you want better SQ you can go LOD on a Sansa fuze and have the option for rockbox w/o LOD if you aren't using an audio control device or rockford 360.    
Forgot to mention I will be ditching Windows phones once they go to Windows Phone 7.  Microsoft decided to follow Apple and iTunes as a 'model' so forget about it.  Just a heads up.  Thankfully there's Android.
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so it seems that whatever phone i get will be good enough? does only the iphone have lod?

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