Soundmagic PL21 First Impressions & Review
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I have listened to PL21 for while. Very closed and dark sounding at first. A few hours of use did make them for sure more open and better. Good bass and soundstage with the silicones. It's not that I would say they bassy but more forward in that area.
They not as airy and spacey as PL30 but yeah they got still nice soundstage that you would like fast. I could easily second the impressions above.
Of cons, the cable could be better but for the price I don’t expect a cable like on the PL50. The PL21 still reminds a lot of PL50. Same package, same tips provided, same Y-split.
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Yep, it's not perfect, but there's nothing I can think of for the price that has a better cable. Maybe the JVC FX34/FX66, but those are more prone to tangling.
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I finally got my PL21's from FocalPrice, and I don't have much to say about their SQ: of course this is entirely subjective but I find them better than my PL30. I find them a bit more bassy but with better midrange and much much more comfortable. Moreover, the PL30 took hours to stop sounding like crap, and these ones only took minutes.

In short: I prefer them over the PL30 in every aspect.

I have a word about comfort, anyway. I supposed that the PL21 were designed to be worn with the cable straight down, and it was a thing I really liked because I hate wearing the cables over the ear (it keeps jumping over my ear and that's very uncomfortable). The angle of the tips were strange for that kind of wearing, but... So I tried to put them in my ears with the cable pointing to the floor
It was painful and uncomfortable, and when I finally could put the darn drivers into my ears, they totally lacked bass. No basses at all, and I think it is because the vent hole was covered by my ears when I wore the units with the cable straight down.

I sweared a bit and after some capital words I tried them with the cable over the ear. Usually I have to pull my ear up to allow IEMs to enter my ear canal properly, but not this time: a gentle press with my finger and the PL21 fitted perfectly. With the cable over my darn ear... Well, lesson learnt: don't assume that an IEM is not "over-the-ear" from the photographs.

Of course they can be worn with the cable straight down, but the angle is not good to enter the ear canal properly in my opinion. If the angle could be reversed by disassembling and reassembling, that would be another matter.

The cable is a bit different from the one in the PL30's, and looks like it wants to stay over my ear and not jumping out, but I have to test it more time. I don't want to use the rubber hooks because I wear glasses and the hooks are not very comfortable then, but I'm going to try anyway.

I recommend this IEMs because they may not be the better sounding on the market (I find them a bit bassy, and probably lacking some soundstage, but I haven't tested them enough and anyway it is of course a personal appreciation), but I don't think you can find anything better for that price. Mine were 14EUR shipping included...

Last but not least: the tips are "fine", so you won't be able to fit silicone tips from your "big" tip IEMs. For me that means I cannot longer use my favourite silicone tips, those that came with my old JVC Air Cushion. I can live with that, though.
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I got these a couple weeks ago and love them. Nice bass and enough detail throughout. Threw some Shure Olives on them and they are also very comfy. Don't think you can go wrong with these for $20.
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They came with three pairs of black foamies of different sizes. Maybe with them they are more comfortable worn with the cable straight down.

And I agree with you: for 20$ you can't go wrong. Sound quality with these IEMs is of course debatable, but at that price I think that the SQ is objectively adequate.

I think, also, that these phones are perfectly for having a walk or commuting: they are good enough to enjoy the music but cheap enough to be annoyed if they break.
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I got my PL-21 as well as MP-21 today afternoon and I would agree with the comments above and OP's review.

These sound really good out of the box .I was surprised cause they sounded so good and close to the PL-30 .The mids and highs are pretty similar to the PL-30 .Only the quantity of bass seems to be increased.Bass is slightly high and less accurate for my liking but that's just me and I am kinda spoiled by better choices now. For 21$ it couldn't have been better.

Haven't burn-in much so can't give exact details on sound but you will see a detail review soon.
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I just got new Soundmagic Pl-21 and it sounds horrible. i have read that it usually takes a lot of burn in before it gives a good sound (Good Bass and treble) .

Does anyone have any idea about what i am talking about?

I read rave reviews abt it ll over the net and the ones i received are bad there must be something which needs to be done. I had EP630 earlier and they were too good. Pl21 is supposed to better than EP630 but so far it has been a disappointment :frowning2:

I got them from for 830 bucks.

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That's pretty weird, can you please post a picture of the PL21's package? Since June this year there is also a online verification sticker on the package to check if your SoundMAGIC's are genuine.
Did you pay 830 Indian rupees witch is worth approx. $16.92?

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