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Soundmagic HP1000? Yes, that is not a typo...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by The Third, Jul 7, 2019.
  1. The Third

    Didn't see a thread on this, anyone tested these cans out? HP100/150 are absolute underground legends, excited to see what this lives up to.

    Translated from the website:

    Ever since, fans are thinking about whether there is such a headset that combines the advantages of open headphones and closed headphones to bring a new listening experience to music lovers. SoundMAGIC is a headset that breaks through the design concept of high-end headphones, redefines closed-head headphones, subverts the traditional imagination of open-type headphones, and meets the higher requirements of enthusiasts for headphones. The SoundMAGIC HP1000 is an earphone with a closed design that achieves an open listening experience. Professionals know that for closed headphones, it is very difficult to achieve the same sound and sense of hearing as open headphones. The development of a classic closed-type earphone, the difficulty factor is much higher than the development of the same level of open-type headphones, and closed-end headphones to achieve an open sense of hearing, it is more difficult. This is also the reason why the earphones with this design are rare on the market, but the SoundMAGIC sound is done. For the sound quality, the sense of hearing, and the user experience, SoundMAGIC has always had its own insistence, and the SoundMAGIC has been born.

    SoundMAGIC sounds the HP1000, the ultimate in sound SoundMAGIC sounds the HP1000 earphones and looks nothing special. It’s shocking to put on the headphones and listen to it. Even with its closed design, the SoundMAGIC is not as boring as the general closed-type headphones. Instead, it has a fairly wide sound field, three-band equalization, low-frequency flexibility and strength, minimal IF distortion, and high-frequency extension. Resistant to hearing. Compared to the popular open-type headphones, the SoundMAGIC has a relatively private listening experience. Under low volume, the listener can still perceive the details of the swallowing water and the ventilating sound that the singer is not aware of. The sound of the SoundMAGIC HP1000 can be interpreted to the extreme, and is closely related to the technical breakthrough of the HP1000. First of all, in order to make the HP1000's sense of hearing achieve the desired results, the researchers tried different unit designs, and finally determined the drive unit of the unique combination cavity design, which has undergone rigorous durability, air permeability and sound insulation. test.

    Second, in order to find the best material combination, the R&D department has also undergone repeated experiments. SoundMAGIC Acoustic HP1000 composite diaphragm, light and rigid material, excellent transient response and internal damping, can quickly absorb excess noise, to ensure that the sound heard is clean and transparent.
    In addition, SoundMAGIC's HP1000's center hole routing design is also not the usual unit of the glue on both sides of the line. The advantage of this design is that it has less interference to low frequencies, greatly reduces the distortion of the sound, and truly restores high fidelity music.

    SoundMAGIC sounds the technical highlights of HP1000. The closed-designed earphones have an open-ended sense of hearing. It can be said that it is a rare innovation in the field of headphones. It needs strong hardware and mature technology as support, and this all comes from SoundMAGIC headphones. Perseverance to the sound.
    SoundMAGIC sounds HP1000 headphones have some highlights, you need to enthusiasts to find out, in July 2019, SoundMAGIC sound beauty HP1000 will be on the scene, then, enthusiasts can listen.
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  2. Beagle
    Hopefully they've cured the painfully bright treble..
  3. XERO1
    They look promising. I wonder what their price is going to be?
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  4. Mhog55
    images (1).jpeg
  5. Wiljen
    Got a pair on my ears as I write this. More to come soon but I will say, initial thoughts are they are going to live up to the 100/150 heritage.
  6. elNan
    where did you buy them?
  7. Wiljen
    Review sample sent directly from Soundmagic.

  8. Mhog55
    What connectors do they use?
  9. Wiljen
    3.5mm TRS jack and a proprietary design at the north end. Kind of a combination of the HD-800 style and a banana plug. 6 petals in a ring around a central pin that is held in place by friction.
  10. Mhog55
    Lame. Thank you
  11. Wiljen
    Probably would not have been my first choice,but in all honesty it works pretty well and it seems like it might be beneficial as it pulls loose from the headphone end rather than bending the jack or breaking the DAP if you bump something.
  12. elNan
    what's with soundmagic and proprietary connectors? :/
  13. Mhog55
    Unfortunately, it's likely going to be another hard to source balanced cable to purchase. I try to stick with cans that use common connections.
  14. Wiljen
    Here are some pics so you can get a better understanding of the connector - not an easy one to explain

    SoundMagic-HP1000-cable-connector2.JPG SoundMagic-HP1000-connector1.JPG SoundMagic-HP1000-cable-connector.JPG
  15. halcyon

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