Sony X-series VS Ipod Nano 4G VS Cowon iAudio 7
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Sep 2, 2008
I'm going to buy one of these but i'm still undecided... Okay, here is the question.. Given that a same song is played at Apple Lossless format using Nano, FLAC using Cowon , MP3/WAV using Sony X-series, which has the best sound quality? Also given that all these players use Sennheiser HD485...Thanks!
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1. Thats a lot of variables - do you really think any single board member can test all of this, and with hearing that lines up with yours ?

2. I have listened to FLAC and 320K MP3s on my Cowon, and Apple Lossless on a 4G Nano. Per my earlier post, I returned the Nano for a refund within 24 hours. Draw your own conclusions, but I love the Cowon's SQ.

3. I dont have the X-series, but my S720 series Sony is fantastic - not as good as the Cowon for SQ, but better as a genuinely portable player with a good user interface.

4. I consider my Sony IEMs to be markedly better than the 485s, a fairly mediocre set of headphones (I have owned mine for over 2 years, but no longer use them), despite costing about half as much.

My advice is that you need to listen to the Sony and the Cowon, and get some new phones - MS1s if you can afford them, Koss KSC-75 if not.

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