Sony PCM-D50 as DAP
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Review said that m10's PO cannot match D50.
Mostly less power on the PO.
I guess 5mw does make a difference.


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Hi 3602, it would be very nice if you could search in the chinese forums if they mention the new Sony PCM-M10? I have it and it is better than Iriver E10 (which is considered a very good DAP), but have no experience with the D50. The M10 has double the battery life of D50 aprox. and can play more formats, but I don't know if the 5mw output less and internal components make a difference.

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D50 measures a lot better than M10, has more power too. Kind of wish I bought a second-hand D50 instead. 
 But it doesn't record mp3, which is really useful for recording lectures and anything that's not serious. 
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Look at this amazing chart....

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These measurements probably reflect the analogue out. 
Sony needs to make a player with D50's internals but smaller, only for playback. But keeping all the physical buttons and dials. With an interface more suitable for music management. Commercially viable? Maybe not. Cool. Yea. 
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Anyone is interested at M10/D50, should also know that even the resolution is better than average popular mp3 player in the market.
However, the sound signature is different from popular mp3 as well with much clean and sterile sound, very natural vocal which I would say normal mp3 player is not capable of, like Sony X, it is obviously over warmth player, yet it does not cease praise, that means you may find yourself end up being fond of colored vocal rather than more realistic sound.
Let alone M10/D10 leans towards analytical side, focusing on layers, separation rather than dynamic or bass which is well known fun factor.
I think if you get satisfactory from Sony X, and think of yourself as casual listener, that may not be player for you
Last but not least, personally I won't rate Sony X as high as publicity did
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I had my D50 for a while and found it very good, too, one of the very best DAPs available (sorry, imod doesn't come close). However, I sold it because it was PITA to deal with cards. If only Sony would allow usage of normal SD cards, I would probably keep it.
As for M10, it is worse than D50 in terms of SQ according to people who had compared them.


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