SONY NWZ A729 Impressions..WOW!
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Apr 29, 2009
Hey WOW!
I've recently bought the Sony NWZ A729 16gb Media player..

The Sound quality is fantastic..

How good is the Sony S series in sound quality in comparision?

Please leave your views and possibly PM me so we can have a good conversation about this brilliant equipment!
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from what i know and have heard on the stock earbuds and on super fi 5 pro's there are no differences between these two

the A series has a bigger screen for videos and bluetooth but the S series is smaller
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I think its not merely a matter of which has the better SQ. Synergy and preference should be taken into consideration as well. I preferred the A 720 series with my denon C700 whilst I preferred the S 730 with my IE8. Bare in mind that I only had brief listen sessions with the A720s so take this with a grain of salt.

I thought the A720s offered a larger sound stage and was on the warm side of things; producing a fuller but but not deeper bass than the S730s. The S730s were rather neutral with more treble energy/Quantity and as human perception would have it, this gave the impression that the S730s had better instrument separation/Imaging within its slightly smaller sound stage. Overall, I found the A720s to produce a fuller sound, whilst the S730s were slightly thinner sounding but had better clarity.

They're both really great DAPs and were a definite improvement over my Ipod touch
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I'm ambivalent about my own Sony A720 - great portability, fantastic battery life and much better nav than most, but the aforementioned bass-heavy flavour can be fatiguing. Without EQ, it doesnt have a lot to offer, but I have actually found the 'Jazz' setting works best across the different musical genres in my collection, from Josh Groban to Deftones. Full marks to Sony for releasing a player which is a genuine competitor for the Nano, even if I still prefer the SQ on my Samsung.
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Anyone else find the a729 a bit grainy sounding? It has considerably more grain than my Clip (V2). When coupled with the AD700 anyway.
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Should I buy the S-series..S638 / S639 out of curiosity?

Or am I wasting my money?

I don't really need two, but the S-series is small in size and has amazing views on sound quality

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