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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. mattmc1228
    Looking for some input.
    I stream 100% of my music.
    I have subscription services to Tidal, Deezer,Spotify,Apple Music, and Siruis XM.
    A little overkill I know.
    I have no stored music.
    If I stream 100% of my music, is this the device to get? Or if someone has other recommendations I am open to.
    I am running with the CA Andromeda's
    Thanks and looking for forward to everyone's input.
  2. proedros
    not much movement here , you may wanna ask at the Ibasso DX200 thread
  3. Isloo
    I use Deezer and never have problems either downloading playlists to play music offline or streaming. I also stream a lot of radio. There can be the ocassional bit of lag, but I also get that when streaming from my phone, so it likely to be either the app or my internet connection rather than the zx2. I've never tried any of the other streaming services you have so can't comment on how well the work on the zx2.

    There are faster devices with more up to date OS available for streaming, such as the Ibasso or the onkyo. So if you stream 100% and want a fast OS they may better suit your needs. However, sound wise, the zx2 is Excellent. I love the sound it produces. Warm, organic, yet still detailed. It's OS may be a bit long in the tooth now, but the sound excellent. I had a mojo before I picked up the ZX2 and much prefer the sound of the zx2 over the mojo. I thought the mojo was good, but didn't really think it sounded that much better than my other gear, so ended up not using that much. I have found the exact opposite to be the case with the zx2. The only thing I would say is you need to use a 3.5mm trrs cable to get the best sound out of it.
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  4. Richter Di
    Sound is just phantastic.
    But if you are a streamer you might want to look elsewhere. It streams - in my case mainly Qobuz - but only if I pre download it in advance, and even then it stops for no reason. For streaming you need a quick processor and an actual android or iOs. Not what our beloved Sony NW-ZX2 has to deliver.
  5. ahtiang
    I think the ZX2 hardware is ageing and it may not served you well in terms of streaming speed (or even normal operation may lag, unless you have the patience like me haha...). I am using the ZX2 primarily for Spotify and I do feel the lag which is due to the hardware couldn't cope with the software advancement. The ZX2 still on Jelly Bean and will be for the rest of its lifespan. I suggest you go for other options though, although no Sony Walkman out there can support Spotify though other than this which is a sad case. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Gosod
    Hi, did you buy a new zx2? Or used?
  7. ahtiang
    I went for the Sony hosted event of Z1R, M9 and M7 audition last week and came across that the WM1Z gains a firmware which allows it to act as a streaming receiver device mode. You can stream from your phone (or any Bluetooth capable device) to the WM1Z (via LDAC, aptx HD, SBC and etc). It didn't solved the streaming natively but at least it is now able to play stream content. So at least people from ZX2 can move up if they need streaming ability, but at the expense of your phone battery and sound quality :ksc75smile::gs1000smile:

    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
  8. TooFrank
    Sorry, if I haven't got this right, but are you saying that you can stream Tidal and Spotify? If so this is indeed good news.
  9. mathi8vadhanan
    It can't stream from internet independently. It's just that, it can act as a bluetooth receiver, just like the newer A-Series walkman, Shanling M0, Hiby R3 etc.
  10. ahtiang
    Just like @mathi8vadhanan mentioned, it now can act as a Bluetooth receiver and play the song though.

  11. Gosod
    I'm interested in this question. Have any of you tried to increase the volume of this player?
    I mean the modification of the android!
  12. kms108
    I don't think Sony has released any source code for you to do that.
  13. rennwerkes
    Sorry if this question has been answered previously but does the ZX2 no longer work with Tidal?
    I bought a ZX2 specifically for that purpose and when I tried to download app it says it's not compatible.
  14. kms108
    You have to download the old version.
  15. rennwerkes
    Which version and any particular site?
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