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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. SebaE2012
    I agree. It may get to a point where having streaming capabilities becomes a necessary feature to compete, even in the high-end, audiophile-only market segment. Competitors are increasingly moving towards incorporating such capabilities.

    I have read a bit about Android's disadvantages in terms of battery draining, interposing software between the "pure metal" and the player, and the like. But there surely are solutions for them. iBasso's DX200 and others have an Android bypass (not sure how well it works, though).

    While I'd certainly appreciate an Xperia device with hi-end audio components, I still prefer having a separte, audio-only device for listening. Quality can be higher on a dedicated device and they tend to last longer since (in my case, at least), they are not subject to the same heavy duty use phone are subject to. Plus, it's easier to keep children away from DAPs than from phones (and they can always get their own iPod for DAP purposes of their own). :)
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  2. lesale08
    I do agree that the android version must be upgraded. Android 4 is now very slow specially for zx2. But for the built in music app it's still good.
  3. Raketen
    It's seems weird they haven't put s-master in a phone, I remember they released a walkman phone maybe 7 years ago, would be cool to get another attempt.

    A decent compromise would be just to add 2-way bluetooth to smallish ZX300 or A20/30- like DAPs, a number of recent DAP have this function where it can act as a bluetooth reciever for a phone (instead of ridiculous WMport cable).
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  4. imparanoic
    I believe the problem is that Sony used an old Omap 4 (apparently same as galaxy nexus released 2011) system on a chip for zx1 and zx2 for a 2015 released nw-zx2 which is a bit of design fault as the engineers only concentrated on audio engineer, less on the cpu/gpu and ram, thus, latest update is only 4.3 android ( same as my old xperia tx phone released in 2012), the problem is that texas instruments won't supply drivers for 4.4 or 5.0, therefore, update not possible and probably will make the zx2 even more laggy
  5. proedros
    2 thoughts

    1 - zx2 is good but wm1a is a definite improvement
    2 - i am selling cheap a great 3.5mm TRRS cable for 2-pin ciems , feel free to pm me if you are looking for a budget-priced midtier-quality cable
  6. josephtym
    Hi. Fellow users. Want if anyone using Spotify on their zx2? I used it for the offline mode which download the song onto the device. apparently it says no memory space left but I still have about 100gb. Anyone having the same issue? Is this the android 4 limitation?
  7. SebaE2012
    Yes, they did have Walkman phones back in the day. I think it was right after Sony bought Ericsson. I don't know whether the phones included better audio components/software or it was just a commercial scheme to take advantage of the Walkman brand but with no real audio improvements.
  8. SebaE2012
    Yes, I'm using Spotify a bit on the ZX2. Mostly, I go online whenever I want to use Spotify. It isn't great for downloads, as apparently there's no way to make Spotify use a different storage memory. It takes up the 2 GB quickly, and this may also have a negative impact on the general performance of the device, making it laggy.
  9. SebaE2012
    Thanks for the message! Will PM you to talk more about the cable.

    I would love to get a WM1-A, but it's a lot of money to invest and loose capabilities. I may, in time, get one when it goes on sale (whenever the next generation Walkman hit the market).
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  10. cocolinho
    I do. This problem occurs when you download song while you're charging the device.
  11. josephtym
    Hi, I tried when I connect to online. Also same issue.
  12. cocolinho
    what do you mean?
    when you download new songs to get them offline, don't do it when the device is charging. This is a known issue.
    Also there is some issues with some Microsd not compatible.
  13. josephtym
    I am able to download the spotify song for offline usage. however, there is a limit to it as the system shows a msg saying that the system storage memory is full and thus unable to further download... the space in my zx2 still has about 100gb left.
  14. highfidelity69
    You are right, same issue here, something is wrong with the partition. I even tried the route of clearing the entire system to start from scratch, after rebooting it came back like nothing was ever done.
  15. kms108
    The Zx2 is split into two partitions, and I think the download is default to the smaller partition which is less than 1.97GB in size, this is the same partition which contains the OS.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
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