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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Nov 16, 2014.
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  1. talan7
    How do I do that?
  2. talan7
    I tried, the newer tidal app is no longer compatible even when I try and download it from tidal' website.
  3. scottmc997
    Google "Tidal 1.16.0" and try downloading that version. I have been having the exact same problems but was able to sideload 1.16.0. It works great for me.
  4. talan7
    scottmc997, thank You my friend! Not only did it download, but I have the new interface with bottom nav.
  5. scottmc997
    Glad I could be of assistance!
  6. SebaE2012
    Guys, I'm thinking about purchasing some good IEM for using with the ZX2. The XBA-Z5 are under consideration, but as they are an expensive piece of kit (for my budget), I'd like to know a bit more about the synergy with the ZX2. I'm a bit concerned with the Z5's being 32 ohms. I'd really appreciate any kind of feedback /advice. Thanks!!!
  7. talan7
    Z5s need an amp. You'd have to turn the zx2 all the way up for the z5s
  8. SebaE2012
    Thanks for the reply and advice. Would IE800 be a better fit? Can they be driven adequately? Apologies in advance for asking questions like these. I'm very new to this hobby and, expensive as it is, it's always best to get good info from those more experienced.
  9. shootertwist
    just joined this club! yup i know late to the party hehe, just got it for a great price preowned and the previous owner really took good care of it, always in its dignis case and had a screen protector, so when i took it off it looks close to new... really loving the luscious sound, the added warmth is a welcome thing for me... just got a couple of questions, cant seem to figure out a way to add or queue a song like "up next" or play next to the current song, is there no workaround for this? many thanks :) also does the fiio l5 line out dock cable work? many thanks :)

    @SebaE2012, i'm using an ie800 and the synergy seems great, though its only been a day since i got the zx2... first impression though is very positive

    also sorry to ask this but i cant seem to find the search area for this thread ... thanks in advance
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
  10. SebaE2012
    @shootertwist, Welcome to the Club! I'm also a recent ZX2 owner (basically, I waited until I found a great sale, due to WM-1A/1Z being released. Thanks a lot for the reply regarding IE800. I may let myself be tempted and purchased them. I'd be very interested in further impressions, once you've time with the ZX2. I hope you enjoy it!
  11. lesale08
    So I got a pretty good deal on a used but mint zx2 for $320 locally and currently enjoying the pairing with z5. Playing with sound enhancements, the clear audio really elevates the texture of the bass which is a boomy most of the times.
  12. shootertwist
    ^does it still have warranty bro? that's a good deal there
  13. 329161
    Can anyone confirm if the Fiio RC-78B balanced cable will work in balanced mode using a suitable trrs 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter on the ZX2?
  14. proedros
    320$ for a used/mint ZX2 is definitely a STEAL

  15. lesale08
    No more warranty bro since the unit has been a year old but it's got no dings nor scratches and previous owner said he didn't get to use this very much because of his work
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