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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by leylandi, Jul 30, 2016.
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  1. TheOracle
    Yes, I was using both exclusively with TRRS on the 3.5 jacks.
  2. pietcux
    Oh I am back to Direct Source on with the EX1000. The unbalanced output stage of my WM1A gets better and better the more hours you put into it, so the bass is much more to my liking after 30 hours of usage. Same goes fot the treble they softened just enough to my liking. Imagine, this will get better and better till I reach 200 hours of unbalanced playing time. The MDR-EX1000 are an epic kind of IEM, likely the best Sony could possibly make. It has two gripes for me though: It is sensitive to wind noise, probably a common problem outside the house in Holland where you live. And the seal is very important, no seal no bass, that's it. The brand new tips need a little help by ear wax to really seal but if the seal is there, that bass is a hell of a feature on the EX1000. You will see. I had the Sony XBA-H3 for some time and was happy to sell it off to a workmate, because it could not satify once you had the EX1000 around. If you receive the EX1000, let us start a new thread on it, it does not exsist so far and the EX1000 deserves it. Btw, for windy and even stormy days I have the Sennheiser IE800. Even though it has ports, it does not interact with wind at all.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2017
  3. pietcux
    Sadly Sony decided not to sell the Z5 in Europe at all. But I doubt it is better than the EX1000 after my experience with the XBA-H3
  4. productred
    In my books the Z5 is in general better than the EX1000, in overall quality, soundstage, details, visceral bass etc. But the EX1000 is a class of its own that nothing in the Sony lineup or any other brands ever touches it for its very special sound signature. The EX1000 is still available for sale after all those years and quite a lot of people still keeps theirs or get new ones despite having newer iems costing a lot more. Technically they are dated, but a well tuned signature is never outdated.
  5. nanaholic
    Can always get Just ears that is turned by the same person. :wink:
  6. audionewbi
    @nanaholic By any chance have you ever tried the Edition 8 with the wm1a balanced out? I always wanted to own an edition 8.
  7. nanaholic
    Yeah. I re-terminated my ED8 with a 2.5mm plug and used it a few times with my WM1Z using a converter cable. To be honest I don't like the sound out of balance so much with the ED8, the treble gets emphasized and became too piercing to my ears. I much prefer going back to the 3.5mm unbalanced connection with the ED8. Though I think one thing that might factor is that I've had my ED8 for almost 6 years now and I think the ear pads needs replacing, they aren't as firm as I remembered and I think that affects the acoustic of the ED8, since the S Logic of Ultrasone headphones is very position dependent.
    audionewbi likes this.
  8. Tawek
    Great price :)
  9. buzzlulu
    Hey guys - lets keep a look out and monitor Amazon Prime day next week. I would love to pick up a 256gb card for my 1Z.
    Lets post if a good price pops up
  10. audionewbi
    I just found out 1Z had 256 GB internal, if i knew from the start.....
  11. buzzlulu
    Yes - 256 + 256 = 512gb i.e. alot of music
    audionewbi likes this.
  12. gerelmx1986
    Even 256GB + 128GB is enough room for lots of Music and that is a mix of 24 and 16 bit FLAC files
  13. Whitigir
    One of the best, if not the best Portability ^_^ (high-end) yes! Very much so and (high-fidelity) absolutely so!

    For anyone who would love Utopia review. I have mine up


    Traveling, you said ?


    Yeah, here is traveling with it and WM1Z packed safely inside


    And here I go ! This is "Hi-fi i-Go Pack"

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2017
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  14. Acemcl
    That's a lot to carry!!! Also guessing that while it's portable you are not using it outside given the open backed nature of the cans?
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