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Been doing alot of research into microsd, just discovered this rather bad news from feb 2022 which will affect consumers like us who buys microsd cards or ssd storage:


Western Digital Corp. (WD) released a statement on Feb. 9, 2022, announcing an unidentified material has contaminated its NAND Flash production lines. The incidents occurred at the end of January at its Yokkaichi and Kitakami factories in Japan. Both factories are operated by WD’s joint venture partner, Kioxia. Upon discovery, the production lines were shut down, and there is no indication of when operations will resume at full capacity.
The incident is anticipated to cause a shortage of 6.5 exabytes in flash storage, which according to The Wall Street Journal, is equivalent to 100 million of its 64 GB flash memory cards typically used for digital cameras.
This creates added pressure to memory-chip makers following the sector’s previous manufacturing disruptions. In late December, Samsung Electronics and Micron Technology operations were suspended amid government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns in Xi’an, China. The restrictions at the Samsung and Micron facilities were lifted in late January; however, it’s uncertain how the manufacturers’ NAND flash and DRAM output were affected. Coincidentally, the incident at the WD/Kioxia factories in Japan first occurred as the other two factories were resuming production.
The production line contamination combined with the existing memory market setbacks is anticipated to push NAND Flash pricing up by 5-10% in Q2. Additionally, WD and Kioxia manufacture PC client SSDs and eMMC products. Supply for these markets is likely to be affected as well.
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I have already received notification that its been delayed. 3/5 now - im still being skeptical with this date
I got this one for the 1A
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I got this one for the 1AFA1599C2-89C4-4CCA-999F-5C94D541595B.jpeg
Man everything from Sony is out of stock. The IER-Z1R, the cables, their TVs and the walkman are all badly affected.

This is likely gonna look bad on their balance sheet in addition to the fact that the Yen is dropping like a dead fly.

P.S. I thought this picture was of a scam email cos the first line already had a grammatical error. LOL
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In addition, Hiroaki Sato said that NW-WM1ZM2 and NW-WM1AM2 have excellent performance for Sony's earphones, including Just Ear. If you are originally a user of Sony headphones, please feel free to use it. If it is Non-Sony brand headphones, he personally recommends that products with an impedance of less than 80 ohms and a sensitivity of more than 100dB will have better performance. If it is a high impedance and low sensitivity product, the performance of DMP-Z1 may be better.

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