Sony Mdr xb30ex VS AT Cks 77x VS Mdr xb90ex
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Oct 13, 2013
Hello guys, ive been looking for an iem for a while and the time has come to pick one!Well, as you can see im in doubt of these three, xb30ex, cks 77x and mdr xb90ex. So, here i am so ask for your help ! Basically im a eletro lover, mainly progressive house,so i need/love some good bass The thing is that i couldnt find many review on the xb30 so im kinda afraid if its good enough for my needs...And, im in a tight budget so, would it really worth paying almost twice for the mdr 90? or even the cks77x? Prices are - xb30( 60bucks) cks(81bucks) xb90(110)
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i've owned both the xb30ex and the xb90ex. As far as sound sig., there isn't a really big jump. Rather more of a few fine tuned areas.  I enjoyed the 30's and thought they were very nice for the price, really good soundstage, good subbass rumble and smooth treble. fit was good and isolation was good as well. moving up to the 90's i find the treble a bit nicer and more detailed while staying smooth. The mids seem recessed a little, but seems to depend on genre as well. The bass is prolly the biggest difference from the 30's. it does have more rumble seems quicker too with an overall bigger presence. but i do feel that the price jump is a tad overboard. i think the 30's fit better and have just as good build quality as the 90's. i also experienced driver flex with the 90's but not on the 30's. Metal sounded better on the 30's than the 90's. Also neither of these are particularly good with bass impact, but still fun to listen to.  

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