Sony D-555 Discman Repair
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Jul 19, 2010
Just bought a used Sony D-555 Discman (July 2010) that was supposed to work but doesn't. When turned on, it lights up, the laser eye moves up, the motor spins for a second or so, stops and the laser retracts. This repeats 2 more times and the unit powers off. Questions:
Anybody been able to fix this problem?
Anyplace I can send it to to fix.....private person or company?
The laser eye sits in the middle of the track. Shouldn't it be out the furthest from the center to "see" a CD and start playing? Can you reposition it without destroying it?
Does the Sony repair manual for the D-555 address this problem? If so, is it a DIY? Parts avail?
Seems to me like the laser eye is not seeing a CD.
WTB: Working or non-working D-555 in good shape. I'm in Colorado.
Thanks for any help!!!
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Oct 28, 2003
Not "real"ones, but maybe try these:
But these are lithium ion, whereas the originals are nickel cadmium. Might run into problems charging these using the circuitry in the D25. Maybe you can locate or fabricate a charger meant specifically for li-ion. As far as I know, no one makes ni-cad replacements for the D25. At least I have not been able to find any for the last few years. 

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