1. azureaura

    D-Z555 eternal question

    Where can I buy a replacement lithium ion for this, or the original bp2ex? Even the online battery stores are out of stock. thank you.
  2. Greenbay

    Adapter for Sony D5 Portable CD Player

    Does anybody know what type and where I can purchase a power adapter for my Sony D5 portable CD Player. The unit works with batteries but I am looking for a power adapter.
  3. Hvam

    Philips AZ7894 problems..

    Hello all Philips experts :-D I have the listed AZ7894 year 2000 topmodel but it doesn't work as it should do. Sometimes the music just stop playing but the player don't turn off. The counter is still on in the display but the second and minute counter seems to disappear. Only the track number...
  4. masterjammer

    Operations Manual for Sony D-555

    I recently purchased a Sony D-555 and would like to try and get a copy of the operating manual.  It is not currently working, but I assume the battery is dead.  Also, I don't have the AC adaptor.  I would like to use it if I can get it up and running, but if not, I guess I'll sell it for parts. ...
  5. mbhauzer

    Sony D-555

    Original owner.  This unit is functionally perfect and cosmetically near perfect - one minor scratch on the top left edge toward the back. I just retested the unit and its settings with a CD. The unit includes the original box, case and AC adapter. The rechargeable battery no longer holds a...
  6. samsung172x

    SOLD - All sold - CD Players for Collectors - SONY D555+ D50MK2 Red edition + Apple PowerCD + JVC XL-P90+ Toshiba XR-P9

    Up for sell are some CD players.   Ideally, i want to sell them in bundle.     5 CD players for sale:   SONY D555 SONY D50MKII Special RED Edition   JVC XL-P90 with remote ToshibaXR-P9 with remote   APPLE PowerCD with remote  ...
  7. fractus2

    Sony D-5

    Well I just got my D-5 in the mail. Got it from ebay about 10 days ago. It came with everything pictured: stock phones, wallwart, and D-5. Unit is very heavy and impressive to look at. Having never seen one in person (that I can recall), it looks much better in person that the pictures can...
  8. sw98

    Good idea to purchase a brand new 15 year old Discman?

    I am thinking of purchasing a brand new 1998 Sony discman online for under $100 (I used to own the particular model back in the day), but I am wondering if I should be concerned about it operating correctly since it's been unused for 15 years. Would any of the circuitry degrade over the past 15...
  9. picklgreen

    what is the best sounding discman (or portable cd player)

    Im wondering what your is a great sounding portable cd player. All i have ever owned is sony but have not bought one since the mid 90's. Are they any good? Like the D-EJ2000 any good? Seems to me for $159.95 i shouldnt expect much ( but i...
  10. Ragouki

    Sony Dynamic Normalizer?

    Should i use it on my walkman? Does it just effect volume or does it also compress the dynamic range?
  11. OIC

    Do you collect PCDPs? Am I the only one?

    I am an avid collector (since 2003) and have in my possession pretty much all the PCDPs I ever wanted (sans Denon DCP-150). I even own the rare D-311 Gold & Silver (Limited 3,000) and the rarest of all PCDPs, the D-626; which you can plug your headphones to a remote unit and listen to it...
  12. duralop

    Sony D-555 Discman Repair

    Just bought a used Sony D-555 Discman (July 2010) that was supposed to work but doesn't. When turned on, it lights up, the laser eye moves up, the motor spins for a second or so, stops and the laser retracts. This repeats 2 more times and the unit powers off. Questions: Anybody been able to...
  13. bangraman

    Weird Q: Does anyone have an accurately modelled STL of a D-555, D-777 and/or D-25?

    I've been interested in makiing a snap-on case for a while, just have not got around to it due to it not being exactly high-priority... but to make my life easier I'm wondering if there are people who may already have taken the time to model any of these PCDP's to save me the trouble of scanning...
  14. Sony D 555 Discman

    Sony D 555 Discman

    Portable cd player.