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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. oatp1b1
    I recently bought the MS, and have noticed an annoying clicking sound in the background while using it. Is this fixable or do I have to return it?
  2. Kevin_Halverson
    Sorry I didn't see your question until today, but in general, the answer is yes, the microStreamer will drive loads above 16 ohms without any problem and still have good damping.  Higher impedance headphones are generally less sensitive, so the issue is always adequate volume.  We have a headphone calculator program that allows for a quick check of the compatibility of any pairing.  If you would like a copy of the calculator just email our support address (support@hirestech.com) and ask for it.  Rather than relying upon opinion as to compatibility, it is better to calculate the actual characteristics of the pairing.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  3. Kevin_Halverson
    A 'background' clicking sound such as you describe is likely either an issue with the USB availability on the computer or could be an overload issue (if you are using the line output to drive another audio device).  I suggest you contact our support email address (support@hirestech.com) and we can assist you in determining where the problem lies.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  4. Gilly87
    Can't go into details but HRT allegedly has a new product on the way in the same vein as the microstreamer...
  5. mediabox
    Cannot wait. It can be a game changer for me. When it the launch?
  6. mediabox
    Cannot wait. It can be a game changer for me. When is the launch?
  7. citraian
    Can we please have a HRT product with DSD support, better sound and more power? I would be all over it! :))
    I still love my MS even after listening to my (way more expensive) main rig. That says something abot this product! Can't wait for an improved version :)
  8. uzi74
    I can report my nexus 5 works with the HRT microstreamer finally flowless since the Andoid 5.0 update, volume control of the phone is also working as expected... [​IMG]
    (it was on and off before and I had popping sound after 5 minutes of play on the CM rom)
  9. Kevin_Halverson
    Android 5.0 (aka Lollipop) is an exciting new solution for a large number of users.  We showed a Nexus 9 running 5 with two new products that we are about to release at the Android Developer Conference (#AnDevCon) last week in San Francisco.  We are very excited about the possibilities that this pairing brings to the game.  For many, the concept of a 'hacked' ROM isn't a viable option for a multi use device such as their primary phone or tablet.  Simple plug and play and hassle free use is essential for most real world users.
    Pleased to learn that your microStreamer is working well with your Nexus 5.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  10. Kevin_Halverson
    Very soon!
  11. Gilly87
    I really like my N5's custom ROM and had no plans to upgrade to 5.0, but if it means my uS is plug-and-play, that's a game changer.
  12. Kevin_Halverson
    The expression "game changer" is one that has been used and abused too often and has lost a bit of its original meaning.  However, in this case, it is a plug and play solution, just like it should be.  For the less sophisticated users, this really opens up the pairing possibilities.  
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  13. mediabox
    New Dragonfly in the wings!
  14. mikemercer
    This is off-topic - but I'll be reviewing it SOON - and since it is such a GIANT KILLER:
    Got the HRT MusicStreamer HD USB DAC this weekend, and WHOAH!
    It destroyed the internal DAC in my Woo WA7 Fireflies!
    and for under 500 bucks - having balanced output and single-ended RCAs...
    I can't WAIT to try it on my Cavalli LAu!
    But, in the meantime - I gotta admit that I also put it up against my MYTEK Stereo-192 DSD DAC,
    and the HRT HD also destroyed that - in terms of sheer musicality, dynamic gestalt, and micro and macro-dynamic detail retrieval!!
    I saw the unit as low as $379 on Amazon!
    But - like I said - I plan on starting a new thread dedicated to the HRT MusicStreamer HD!!!
    Thus far - and my expectations were HIGH - Kevin - don't know HOW you manage to do this - but, there are alot of Head-Fiers (I'm sure)
    that could use a Reference-Level USB DAC capable up to 192K for this price!!
    Listening to this system RIGHT NOW and it's sonically addictive:
    Audeze LCD-XC
    Double Helix Cables Brand New Comp4 Audeze headphone cable
    Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies
    Nordost Heimdall 2 interconnects
    HRT MusicStreamer HD USB DAC
    also via DHC - his USB cable
    Using Amarra Symphony as source
    again - sorry to be off-topic - but we've ALL been exploring the magic of the HRT microStreamer here for awhile,
    so I thought maybe a few of you would be interested to know of my initial impressions of the HRT HD
    Another sonic Home-Run @Kevin_Halverson
  15. Kevin_Halverson
    Thanks @mikemercer for the photo of your system with the Music Streamer HD.  Really glad that it is working well for you.  The Music Streamer HD is a product that we are very proud of.  It is a product that is all about performance.  The topology is one that strives to achieve vanishing low levels of distortion, and noise, and to extract the very most that is possible from a digital audio stream.  It has been a DAC that seems to elicit the exact same response from everyone, they simply can't believe its performance, not just at its price, but when compared to anything at any price.  Really looking forward to your review and I am sure you are correct, there are likely a lot of Head-Fiers that will find it interesting and hopefully compelling too. 
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
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