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Sonic Satori - HRT Levels the Field with the MicroStreamer

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mikemercer, Jan 23, 2013.
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  1. jagu
    I am using Wimp Hifi (streaming service in the Nordics, competitor to Spotify). Wimp Hifi streams FLAC or Apple lossless music. Just wondering about one strange thing that happens when I use the MS and the Wimp Hifi on both PC (WIndows 7)  and LG G2 (Android 4.2.2 stock ROM).
    On PC, the MS indicates 44.1 KHz when listening to FLAC on WIMP Hifi but when I use the MS together with my Android phone the MS indicates 48 kHz.
    1. Wimp Hifi has different sampling rates for PC and Android (I've sent a question to WIMP support)
    2. The MS upsamples to 48kHz
    3. LG G2 upsamples to 48 kHz
    4. ?
    Anyone care to explain for a noob like me?
  2. kayza

    Many androids up sample all audio to 48k. My note 3 does it with my MS too.
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  3. jagu
    Thanks for the information!
  4. rbf1138
    Can someone help me fix the problem I'm having...on my new work PC, changing the volume slider in the tray doesn't affect the microstreamer at all. It's now entirely dependent on the individual app, so now lots of sounds trigger way way too loudly when they open which is not good. How do I make the master volume in Windows handle the HRT?
  5. Kevin_Halverson
    If your host is properly configured, the "master volume" will only effect the headphone output, the line output will remain unattenuated.  This is the correct behavior.  Keep in mind that the headphone output can be used as a variable line level one should you choose to do so.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  6. rbf1138
    Can you clarify what it would mean to have the host properly configured? How can I do this if it's the case that it's improperly configured?
  7. Kevin_Halverson
    By the term 'properly configured' we are describing the use of the 'correct' UI for the attenuator.  If you find that your 'volume control' changes both the line and headphone outputs, then you are attenuating the output of the media player and not taking advantage of the digitally controlled analog attenuator and are therefore suffering a loss of resolution along with the volume reduction.
    For more details, please feel free to email our Support department at: support@hirestech.com
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  8. ericr
    Win 7 > Foobar > Microstreamer > Project Ember > 1964ears V6-Stage...

    Stunningly good listening!

    Thanks Kevin / HRT.
  9. snowshoe
    My new microstreamer arrived less than 90 minutes ago. Some quick impressions:
    1. This thing is tiny! I was expecting something about the size of an iPod, but this is closer to the size of a box of matches. I'm actually really happy about this.
    2. Sound is really really good. Considering this is in the price bracket of a FiiO E17, the microstreamer is a steal (if you are okay with USB). Head and shoulders over the E17 (and does not share a name with either an East London postcode or a horrible 90s boy band).
    3. More on the sound later, but definitely good with mids and highs.
    4. The soundfloor on the headphone port is black, but I am definitely hearing noise when fed through my amp. I will experiment with this a bit more to see if I can't isolate the culprit (it may not be the microstreamer).
    5. The documentation needs to be better. It wasn't hard to work out how to update Firmware, but some documentation for peace of mind would be nice as would some documentation explaining why the firmware update zip contains two updates. I updated the older one first and then the newer one. I don't think that was quite the right thing to do because the numbering system was different. It's not dead, so I guess I'm not too distraught!
  10. Kevin_Halverson
    The instructions for using UpStream are contained within the same firmware archive file (firmware.zip) as the binary images themselves.  In addition, there is a second text document which explains what each binary image is for both in terms of product and application.
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  11. snowshoe
    With all due respect, the instructions are for Windows machines and there are only explanations for a few updates, none of them for the microstreamer. 
  12. Kevin_Halverson
    There are two .txt files within the frimware.zip file.  The one titled "read_me.txt" contains the information you seek.
    Here is the contents of that file:
    Firmware images as of 2-24-2014, general use
    Product                                status                                      image
    HeadStreamer                      discontinued                             HS_1V8.bin
    HeadStreamer Mobile           discontinued                              HSM_1V2.bin
    Music Streamer Pro             discontinued                              MSP_2V3.bin
    Music Streamer II                 discontinued                              MSII_2V4.bin
    Music Streamer II+               in production                             MSII+_3V0.bin
    LineStreamer +                    in production                             LS+_1V6.bin
    microStreamer                     in production                             uS_1V3.bin
    Music Streamer HD              in production                             MSHD_1V2.bin
    Music Streamer HD              in production                             MSHD_1V2R.bin (special case for reversed Class switch)
    STAGE Control Center          in production                             STAGE_1V4.bin (supports RF remote control)
    STAGE Control Center          in production                             iSTAGE_1V0.bin (for use with iDevices)
    STAGE Control Center          in production                             STAGE(SBT)_1V0.bin (for use with Squeeze Box Touch)
    Firmware images as of 11-2-2013, for NAS and other low processing power hosts
    Product                               Status                                      image
    HeadStreamer                      discontinued                             HS(NAS)_1V1.bin
    HeadStreamer Mobile           discontinued                              HSM(NAS)_1V1.bin
    Music Streamer Pro             discontinued                              MSP(NAS)_1V1.bin
    Music Streamer II                 in production                             MSII(NAS)_1V1.bin
    Music Streamer II+               in production                             MSII+(NAS)_1V1.bin
    microStreamer                     in production                             uS(NAS)_1V2.bin
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  13. snowshoe
    Thank you for replying. I did see and read this file. What leaves doubt in my mind about which one to use is I use the microstreamer with my computer and I'd like to use it with a portable device like an iPod. The documentation here doesn't really provide much information about which would be the better choice.
    The microstreamer is a fantastic product, BTW. I'm really impressed with the sound!
  14. Kevin_Halverson
    This really should be handled by our support contact: support@hirestech.com as each iDevice has different capabilities and requirements.  
    Please define which specific iDevice (model and generation) you wish to pair with and we will be happy to provide you with detailed pairing requirements.  
    Kevin Halverson
    High Resolution Technologies, LLC
  15. estreeter
    Mike, I came here to escape the audiophilia nervosa around Yggdrasil/Ragnarok and you're telling me the 'Schiit stack rocks !'. Way to ease my pain, old buddy.
    You, as much as anyone else here, know how serious this illness is - for the love of God, man  :wink:
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