Some Questions Regarding HD650 Balanced Recable
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Mar 6, 2009
May the DIY Gods shine down on me!

As the title states, I'd like to make a DIY balanced cable for the HD650s. I've ordered the Cardas Connectors already. I'll be terminating with a 4-pin neutrik xlr. I'll also be making a xlr->1/4 adapter. My questions are primarily to do with wire selection.

I'm looking at Mogami cable, such as this: MOGAMI® - High Quality Balanced Microphone Cable
Also considering quad cable.

What do the Gods recommend for number of conductors, awg? I've read somewhere that anything above 26 gauge is overkill.

Also, in regards to these shielded cables, what is the proper way to ground them on a balanced cable? Should I be going with unshielded cable in this application?

My final question is how to transation at the Y split. If I do use 2 conductor cable, should I just snake the pair of cables together under some techflex and heat shrink the split?

Your answers are very much appreciated!

EDIT: I should also ask if the same cable would be applicable for xlr interconnects or would you recommend something else?

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