so who's rockin the HeadFive?
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#157 here and still loving it. Its sound is smooth, enjoyable and non-fatiguing with its crossfeed circuit, which I have on all the time (except on the few occasions I listen to my Ultrasone Proline 750. Must be the S-Logic or something that makes it sound weird).

The H5 sounds great with every can I've thrown at it, and I'm using it more nowadays with my AKG 701, Grado RS1 and Sennheiser 650, depending on my mood.
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Still have SN 129 bought from the pre-order. Really a fantastic amp for the money , well built and solid as a stone , crossfeed , good quality parts. Since though I have gotten a used MF X-CAN V2 and it is fantastic with the HD-580. So im saving the Headfive for when my grado fetish hits.
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Got mine a few months ago.. #137

Use it with all my headphones; SR225, SR60, DT880, and Darths.
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Bought mine in October, cuz I was afraid it was gonna be sold out before I really needed an amp. So I got it. I also was persuaded by all the good news surrounding its performance. So far, I have not been disappointed. I've used it with some cheap ear budz, hd555, dt770, dt880, and now, k701, and I think this amp does well with all them all.

Since I plan on giving away a "dt880 headphone" package to my cousin sometime later this year, I found the perfect excuse to give my h5 away, however, lol. I'll hopefully be upgrading to the Heed Canamp. We'll see how that goes
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Originally Posted by donunus /img/forum/go_quote.gif
By The Way, Do your headfives sound like theres something loose when you shake it?

it's probably the spare fuse moving around in the fuse holder in the IEC connector


Originally Posted by Zorander /img/forum/go_quote.gif
You shouldn't shake them so much.

It' s the first thing I do when I receive any new gear!
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could any of you care to explain the sound signature of the headfive?

I've never herd a tube amp, but by those that have, they compare the Headfive to having a tubeish sound signature.

The amp is warm sounding, but neutral, and it pairs really well with Grado's
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Originally Posted by souperman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
could any of you care to explain the sound signature of the headfive?

Warmish with some bass bloom exhibited. I found it reasonably alright in terms of power, my Creek and Graham Slee easily surpassing it, but it makes up with a musical presentation that simply whisks you away into the music. It paired well enough with most of my phones, except the HD-650 which really needs a more powerful amp and does not need that extra dose of bass.


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