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Skeptico Saloon: An Objectivist Joint

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by gnarlsagan, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. cel4145

    Don't you mean "some flac?"

  2. StanD
    No I meant Flak as in kaboom or heat.
  3. bigshot

    I have a massive collection of music, and iTunes handles it like a champ. It runs 24/7. Very fleixible and very stable. But I am on a Mac. May be different on a PC.
  4. lamode

    I am on a Mac too. No stability issues but the interface is awful, and it tries to be too many things.
  5. bigshot
    Do you swim upstream on tagging conventions? I know a lot of people who listen to classical music do that and run into problems with iTunes.
    I usually don't use the interface on my computer. Everything goes through my airport system, so the interface I use is the one on my iPhone. You might try that. It's pretty simple.
  6. limpidglitch
    I wouldn't have minded if iTunes had a few more options on playback (and ogg/FLAC support would have been nice), but as an archival tool I think it works very well, extensively helped by Doug's Scripts.
  7. bigshot
    Most people don't use the smart play listing feature because it takes a while to figure out how the script works, but if you set up some good criteria, you can really make your collection present itself to you in very useful ways.
  8. limpidglitch
    Yeah, the smart playlists are fun, I use them a lot.
    One thing that often bugs me, though, is that the arguments can only be joined by AND operators, no ORs.
    So if I want to collect all my Händel in one playlist, and I've been a bit sloppy with the tagging, I can't do it by asking for all tracks where: Type is "music" AND (Composer contains "Händel" OR Artist contains "Händel" OR Album contains "Händel" OR Composer contains "Handel" OR Artist contains "Handel" OR Album contains "Handel"), for example.
    It can be done by using AppleScripts, but it is a bit of extra work.
  9. gikigill

    The problem being?
  10. limpidglitch
    I don't know quite.
    A watch is a piece of jewellery. The way you expressed such an existential dependency on it just seemed a little… extreme.
  11. gikigill
  12. gikigill
  13. limpidglitch
    You're imagining yourself as Abe Lincoln? 
    That's only making you look even more vain.
  14. gikigill
    How could you possibly deduce that is beyond comprehension. Lincoln has been always depicted as having a Top Hat
    I dress nice in current fashion, no Top Hats in my wardrobe[​IMG]
  15. bigshot
    The "sloppy with the tagging" is the problem though, not the playlist itself. You could always do a global search for "Handel" and correct whatever tagging problem is causing the problem.
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