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Skeptico Saloon: An Objectivist Joint

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by gnarlsagan, Jun 27, 2013.
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  1. limpidglitch
    I'm not too shabby on that part, it was mostly a convenient example.
    Most recent real world example was when I wanted to make a list of all un-played tracks, but not have them immediately drop out of the playlist as I play through an album. Logically it could have been solved with: Times Played is "0" OR (Times Played is "1" AND Last Played is "during last 6 hrs"), or something like that. Not a biggie really, just would have been fun to have.
  2. bigshot
    Hey! My like buttons reappeared! Can you guys see my like button now?
  3. maverickronin
  4. davidsh
    May the Admins show mercy on thy Soul and grant thee the gift of Likeability
  5. dazzerfong
    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
    bigshot and headwhacker like this.
  6. Don Hills
    I like it!
  7. Steve Eddy

    I guess that makes you the John, eh? :p

  8. sonitus mirus
    And Mod said, "Let there be like, " and there was like.
  9. Steve Eddy

    HAHAHAHA! Very good!

  10. imackler
    Dear Sound Science Friends...
    I'm tired. Weary, even. 
    I keep hearing about different amps not having enough power to get the most out of the HD650. (There appears to be a correlation between an amps ability to drive the HD650 and the amp's cost. Surprise!) From the science side, I understand enough to know that you can there are amps that don't have enough power, depending on compression and my listening volume. 
    I'm looking for either a portable usb dac/amp or a portable dap (I'd appreciate options on both) that will drive the HD650 cleanly and powerfully. I want something that measures well, but after years in headfi, I can't really get my mind around the science of the thing. (I want portable because I'm looking for one solution to use with my HD600 at the office and my HD650 at home. If it was flexible enough to handle low gain iems, too, I'd be even happier.)
    What are my options in the <$400 price range? 
    I really appreciate any help. 
  11. maverickronin
    When I had a pair of HD650s I found them fairly easy to drive.  Their high impedance would get a pretty clean signal out of most anything with a headphone jack, though the maximum volume might end up being limited.
    A better place to start might be by asking what you didn't like using with your HD650s and why.
  12. davidsh
    O2, Magni, the usual contenders
  13. cjl
    An O2 will drive it just fine. What makes you think your current amp is insufficient though? More power just lets you drive it louder, so if your current amp doesn't distort at the loudest volume you listen, there's no need for a new one.
  14. imackler
    When I had an o2 in the past, there was distortion with my dac on high gain with the HD650. This is an impedance problem w the source, right? What specs on a dac should I look for to not have distortion w an 02?
  15. maverickronin
    That's probably because the output voltage on your DAC was too high above the 2V "standard" the O2 was designed for.  The maximum gain you can use on  the O2 is 7 divided your source's maximum output voltage.
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