Size comparison: PK1 vs. stock Apple earbuds?
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Jul 13, 2005
Can anyone who has both tell me which of these is smaller? If you have the exact diameter in millimeters even better. I'm thinking of getting the PK1's to replace my PX100's at work but I always had difficulty jamming those stock Apple iBuds in my ears (too big). Also, how do you think they will compare soundwise to my current rig (iPod 5.5G->MisterX XP->PX100)? Thanks!
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Well, I no longer have my PK1s, but I will say based on memory, the PK1s are just a bit smaller and as a result more comfy than the iBuds, if that's your concern. I found the PK1s and all the PKs, comfy, but once in a while they would hurt a little. Never wore ibuds long enough (had my daughter's from her ipod and tried them out) to comment on their comfort, but they did seem larger. Hope this helps a little.
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I don't have Apple earbuds with me to do the measurements, but soundwise you will be in for a *real* treat with that rig and PK1's. The PX100 is very nice when amped as you know, but the PK1 is on an entirely different level - I consider it practically an HD580 in your ear.
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I just pulled them both out to compare side-by-side. The Pk1s (with foamies removed) are very slightly larger than the apple ibuds in diameter. The transition to the back of the bud is slightly different, too -- the Pk1s remain at their thickest for slightly longer than the ibuds. Note that these differences are very minor -- but I also just tried them on, and the Yuins feel slightly larger (both in diameter and perceived thickness) in my ear. (Note: the apple buds I have are the most recent -- they came with my ipod classic 80G I bought last fall. They may be different than older models, as others have reported a different sound isgnature and better SQ from the recent buds.)

Sorry for the bad news. But I emphasize what others have said: These earphones are amazing! If your ears can tolerate them, you will be blown away by the sound. I think you hould try them yourself, because it's hard to know what it was about the apple buds that became uncomfortable for you -- a simple size comparison may not tell the whole story. Give em a try.
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The earbud on the right is the current ipod earbud model. I have both and the older versions would bother my ears after long usage, unlike the new one. It seems in this picture that the current might be a little smaller. Like you markopolo, I am looking to upgrade from PX100 to pk1.


Borrowed the pic from wikipedia article on ipod.
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Huh! I'm holding them side by side right now.

Despite what I may have posted in previous threads, the PK1 (sans foam) is almost identical to the NEWER, SMALLER iBuds in diameter. See right set in photo above.

The newer iBuds also have an offset taper -- one side slopes much more at an angle. The PK1 taper evenly on both sides. I suspect this difference is what makes a real difference in feel for different ears.

I perceive the newer iBuds as tiny in my ears. The PK1 with foam fill, fit and sit in my ear better. But I also liked the older iBuds.
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mchang is correct: the Pk1 is almost identical to the new/current ibud. The difference is minimal, and my previous post should not be misunderstood. As the pic above shows, there is a noticeable difference in both size and shape between the old and new ibuds.
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Thanks for the info. I only have experience with the old iBuds, so maybe I will give the PK1's a try. Any reason I should wait (i.e., a new and improved model from Yuin expected anytime soon)? Thanks again.
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I've read that the new Yuin OK1/2/3 will be an earbud/canalphone combo. There are some attachments that go on the end.

Supposedly the sound is better than PK1s, but the price seems to be quite high ($250 sticks in my head).

If so, I doubt I will make that upgrade. At least for awhile...

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