Single Malt Scotch Fi
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I have a small collection...

Auchentoshan 10 years old, a rather boring triple distilled lowlands whisky that is very suitable for cooking and serving to people who are used to blended whiskies.

The Balvenie Portwood 1991 bottling, it's sweetness make it a very nice 'after dinner'-whisky.

Caol Ila 12 year old, So far I loved every single Caol Ila whisky I've tasted, this being the most affordable makes it to my 'regular' whisky.

The Glenlivet 18 years old, just a great classic. This is the bottle I usually grab on special occasions.

Talisker 10 years old, complete impulse buy, but so far loved every single drop of it.
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From the first pic, my favorite is the Glenrothes, quiete easy to drink, Islay are a completely different taste, Bowmore is another brand that should be mentioned also....
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I'm a big fan of Oban. I usually drain a couple of bottles a year, one glass at a time.

My wife bought me a bottle of Highland Park not too long ago. It's good, but a bit peaty for me. Having said that, anyone who knows something about the Detroit area knows that there's something unfortunate about a good whiskey named Highland Park.
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Although I'm usually a beer guy, I love a glass of scotch once in a while. On vacation this week I had some Glenlivet 18 and just bought a relatively cheap Dewar's White Label. College student's budget = just decent scotch.

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Originally Posted by acidbasement /img/forum/go_quote.gif
^Wowzers. That's the darkest whisky I've ever seen.

That whisky is so dark because it was distilled in 1926, and then sat in the barrel until 1986 when it was bottled! Not even sure that would be a good thing at all, but somebody paid $54K to find out.

I have a bottle of bourbon that was my grandfather's that is older than the Macallan there. The bottle of Old Taylor that was distilled in 1916 during the First World War and bottled in 1933, the last year of Prohibition in the US. It was clearly bottled during Prohibition because the label identifies the bottler as The American Medicinal Spirits Company, and there are labels all over it indicating it is for medicinal use only. A warning says that prohibited uses could cause severe penalties to the company [and dry up the only source of booze available]. There is even a direction to affix a prescription sticker through the opening on the box. My favorite part, though, is the slogan: "Unexcelled for Medicinal Use"!

My grandfather kept this bottle in the original box for 60+ years for some reason and now I do the same.
I have been trying to decide whether I should wait until 2016 or 2033 to open it up and drink it. 2033 is the year I turn 70, so it has a certain allure but also seems much riskier.

Here are a few iMac photos:






The funniest thing is that I just found somebody posting on bourbonenthusiast that her grandfather has a bottle of this same exact bourbon from the same year it would seem. Freakish.

I apologize to the OP for the distraction, but one good whisk[e]y photo series deserves another.
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I miss my Ardbeg 1977 - but I sure enjoyed it, and so did my British-born brother-in-law, with whom I shared it.
I haven't been able to acclimate him to bourbon or rye[1], though.

I'm just glad I laid in a supply of Ardbeg 10yo before the price skyrocketed to ridiculous levels. I'm going to have to drink it sparingly... once it's gone, it won't get replaced unless the price comes back to earth. [2]

[size=xx-small][1] American straight rye, that is. That reminds me, I ought to break out some of my Sazerac 18yo...
[2] Unlikely.[/size]
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I'll stick with my Glenlivet 12. It's what my father always drank. I picked it up from him, and old habits die hard.

I tried the 18 and I'm not a fan.
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Wow thats quite the bottle. I wonder if I go through my grandfathers basement if I will find a treasure like that somewhere.

>>What glasses are people sipping their brown spirits from?

I have never bought into the whole glass makes a difference, esp with beer and the tulips, steins, and etc. I usually just drink out of the bushmill's glasses I got with a holiday pack I picked up a few years back. They are pretty nice considering a big bottle and 2 of those guys were $20.

Edit: Now I see that even non-hifi threads do me in. A good DIY thread gets me excited for a new project, and after reading this thread, I need to sneak a quick glass lol.
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mmm, i do love a drop of single malt. i'm terrible though, i go through half a bottle all too quickly, the stuff seems to evaporate at room temperature.
I buy whatever is on special offer at sainsburies, i try to keep it under £20 but sometimes its too tempting to go for that special bottle.
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Financially strapped, I've been drinking Bowmore 12 the last 4 years, which is included in Tyson's write up. In Montreal I buy it for around 48 Canadian, alcohol is cheaper in CA than US I found. It has a smoky taste to it and fits my budget well ^^ I can always count on my grandmother to have some Jameson on stock and lucky to have an Uncle who's favorite past times are Scotch and Cigars.

Recently anyone read Chile's (the country) fascination over Scotch? It's like go away Chileans, go drink some rum

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