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Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei RockJaw Alfa Genus loaning program

  1. BillsonChang007
    Dear Head-Fiers,

    I will be hosting a mini loaning program on the truly amazing RockJaw Alfa Genus. See review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/738059/rock-jaw-review-one-size-fits-all

    This loaning program is ONLY open to Singapore and Malaysia citizens. If you are from Brunei, feel free to contact me as well! Both, West & East Malaysia are allowed to participate.

    My unit condition:
    I lost my treble (black) filter after my review and I can't find it but in case of anything, I will still ship with one side of black filter. Other than that, the unit is pretty much new condition. As I got it during the early production, there will be no pouch and will be using the old package and to avoid confusions to new buyers, I would suggest everyone to avoid posting picture of the boxing. I got this unit directly from RockJaw in exchange for a honest review.

    Rules & Regulations:
    -MUST have at least 1 000 amount of posts on Head-Fi

    -MINIMUM one positive feedback and no negative or neutral feedback. If you do not have any feedback yet, feel free to contact me as well, and I will look into your profile (Apologize in advance for stalking)

    -No age limit.

    -Must keep in touch with the next person receiving the loan unit.

    -Willing to pay shipping cost to ship to the next person but I will try my best to arrange the closest person to you.

    -It is also COMPULSORY to post your impression(s) in this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/746228/rockjaw-alfa-genus-reviews-impressions-and-appreciation-thread[Best reviews quote will be quoted and posted on first page with credit to the reviewer]

    -Honesty is the best policy.

    -Once the unit is with you, you are to be responsible to it. While the Alfa Genus is very built, please take good care of it!

    -Must provide tracking for all shippings and please please! Keep me updated.

    -All loaner gets 7 days of listening from the day of collection to sending it to the next person. The duration of loaning it can be extended with valid reason such as;- writing a more in depth detail review. Reasons such as; shortage of time to enjoy it, sick will not be accepted and I deeply apologize in advance.

    -No modification at all to the unit.

    -A picture of the unit upon receiving it and before sending it is required in order to track condition of the unit.

    Open to sign up now and will be closed once it reaches 20. To sign up, please kindly PM me with the following informations:
    -Shipping address
    -Picture of your gears with date of the day you took the picture return in pen on paper
    -Your age
    -Why you are interested in trying it?
    -Will you post a full review or impressions only?
    -List of sub SGD/BND 100 ~ SGD/BND 200 / RM 260 ~ RM560 earphones you have tested/owned
    -Have you participated in any headphone loan program on Head-Fi before? If so, please list it down and provide link to the thread.

    Closing date for signing up is 31st January 2015. I understand that, Chinese New Year is somewhere on February and there is a lot of Chinese in the selected region. So I need help voting as when to start the tour! The poll will be closed on 31st January 2015. Feel free to comment your suggested date if it is not found on the poll under this post.
  2. BillsonChang007

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