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Silver Dragon or Black Dragon for HE-500

  1. detoxguy
    I have the HE-500 and am wanting to eventually buy an aftermarket cable and am wondering which would be a better cable, the copper Black Dragon or the Silver Dragon from Moon Audio? I know that many consider the Silver Dragon to be superior for many headphones but I've also heard that some definitely prefer the copper sound when using orthos. 
    I'm looking for the best sound between the two cables, I plan on terminating with the mini-xlr and buying the extension terminating in the 1/4" plug which will allow me to expand into balanced in the future should I decide to go that route. 
    So what do you think for the HE-500, Silver Dragon or Black Dragon?
  2. eclipes
    OKay, I've used the Black Dragon before but not on the HE500, it was for my Grado RS1 so i don't know how much this will relate or affect your decision. Completely different headphones but I think the Black dragon would be good as All Genre music type that is flexible for all different kinds of music. And Silver Dragon is just as good but i guess geared towards specific types of music, more picky in a way. Then again, I had the black dragon on my RS1 so it might apply to you but it sounded amazing for me.
  3. detoxguy
    Thanks for the info. 
    What change (if any) did you notice from the stock to the black dragon cable on the grados? I've never heard anything except stock cables on any headphones and as much as I love the HE-500 I'm wanting a more substantial cable in place of the silver cable that came with them. I also want a 1/4 termination instead of the 1/8 and figured I could set it up so I can go balanced in the future just by buying an extension when ordering the cables from Moon.
  4. eclipes
    the difference I got was not on a specific aspect, it was an increase in the whole spectrum. Don't quite remember anymore since its been awhile now. Anyhow the black dragon or silver dragon are top quality cables and I'm sure they will make a pleasing difference to your setup. Currently using their Silver Dragon IEM cable as well and its just as good in sound and quality.
  5. oqvist
    According to moon audio the black dragon is designed to sound the same as the silver dragon so there shouldn´t be much of a difference
  6. eclipes
    isn't the silver dragon more expensive than the black dragon? If they are designed to sound the same, then getting the black dragon will be best bang for buck.
  7. BleaK
    I asked Drew and he recommened personally the black dragon v2 for the HE500. He says that it is warmer with a full body, and som extension at the lower end.
    Makes sense that it matches with the HE500. I have a HE500 in order with the Black dragon v2, so I can post some impressions when I get it, although I will be unable to compare it to other cables.
  8. eclipes
    that was the same comment and recommendation I got when my RS1 was recabled with black dragon.


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