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Sigh.....You can only show a horse where the water is.....

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by lff, Aug 1, 2010.
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  1. LFF
    Sigh.....You can only show a horse where the water is.....but a budding music fan and "audiophile" will never listen nor learn.
    I ask myself the same question. I was at a brick and mortar store today picking up a present for my wife. While looking around I noticed a guy looking at IEM's and headphones. He looked confused and just couldn't decide on anything. Observing his obvious calamity I offered my opinion after asking him what he was looking for. We talked for about 5 minutes and then this happened....
    LFF: "OK. Based upon all the information you told me, you should buy these. They are well built, have great isolation and are affordable."
    DUDE: "Yeah? But they are cheap. These cost more so they must be better. My friend told me X was better because they research their designs. Many people online love them."
    LFF: "No. You are being misled. They are overpriced and sound worse than these. Also, I belong to a forum called head-fi and it's a forum full of headphone fans. Based upon what I know and what people have posted on the forums, these cheap headphones DO sound much better than X brand."
    DUDE: "Cool. I think I will buy X brand because my friend said they are the best he ever heard. Should I buy these big X brands or the tiny X brands?"
    LFF: "You're on your own there buddy. Take care."
    So I left the poor bastard to pick his poison and enjoy bad sound for lots of money. I got home and then took my wife out for some errands. While at another store, I saw another guy and his wife asking an employee about the sound quality of some IEM's. The employee said the following:
    Employee: "Yeah. Like, I really wouldn't know. I just use the ones that came with my iPod. I think, like, they should sound the same...like, maybe a little better. Yeah, but like, I have never actually heard any of these. Yeah...sorry."
    Customer Male: "My friends son uses these and he says they are the best."
    Customer Female: "Yeah, he does. Just get those."
    Customer Male to LFF: "Do you know anything about these?"
    LFF: "Actually I do. They are not worth the money. For $50, you could get much better. In fact, these cost less than half and sound better than those. You're overpaying for the fancy design and name recognition and NOT for good sound quality."
    Customer Female: "Yeah, but he wants the ones you put inside your ear. He doesn't like the old ones. He wants modern ones."
    Customer Male: "Yeah, I want them to shut out all the noise. These look nice. Plus, they are expensive so they can't be that bad."
    LFF: "I see. You want some In Ear headphones. These are quite good and are still rather cheap. Do you need them now?"
    Customer Male: "Yeah. I kinda do. Why?"
    LFF: "For the price you will pay, you can order some top quality in ear headphones from the internet."
    Customer Male: "Yeah...I want them now."
    LFF: "Ok. These are probably the best ones here. They are less than half the price of the ones you have and sound much better."
    Customer Female (with attitude): "How do you know?!"
    LFF: "I am a member of an internet forum that is full of headphone and music lovers. We are audiophiles who discuss all types of headphones and even speakers"
    Customer Female: "Just get the ones you have and let's go!"
    Both turn and leave.
    So that was it. No thanks, no following my advice....nothing. It really didn't personally bug me but I found it fascinating how much people are led to believe something by their peers or family members. I repeatedly told both guys that the headphones they had in hand were bad and told them why. I gave them better alternatives that were not only better, but cheaper. Both still went with the more expensive product that performs worse than most knock-off brands simply because "so and so said they are the best" despite my explanations of why that isn't so. Anyway....
    I think it's easier to make a horse drink water than for people to actually listen to good advice. 
    Worthless blog post, I know. Just thought I would share. [​IMG]
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  2. ujamerstand
    I remember reading about a study that claimed this: if you overturn somebody's belief with facts, they would likely reject said facts and become more entrenched within their own beliefs. Oh well, its their lost. :s
  3. LFF

    Would love to read that study!
  4. earthpeople
    Dang, I would be a bit irritated ( I would not display it, or course. :p ) after both of those situations, especially the second one considering they asked for your opinion and then gave you attitude.
  5. LFF


    I didn't really care as I was in a good mood. Usually I just nudge my shoulders and say nothing unless they specifically ask me. Then again, I'm sure they would think I was crazy for spending more than $100 on IEM's, let alone what a UE-10 costs.
  6. Maxvla Contributor
    Sounds like me. I've told a co-worker his Bose phones really don't sound that great. He's even heard my system and he still says 'My Bose are good enough'. What can you do?!?
  7. beachgeek
    You have to give them attitude or wait till they hit about 25 and then all of a sudden us old farts get smarter!
  8. Mr.Sneis
    My best friend is a car guy, he owns his own shop, and I'm a computer guy, I don't own a business but there's nothing I can't do with a computer....
    Anyways I think I can relate, this scenario is so common.  Person comes to you for advice, you give it, they don't care about your advice and do exactly what you recommend them not to do.  Why did they bother in the first place? 
    It's weird, I know.  Human nautre I guess, people just learn better from personal experience (ie failure) rather than listen to a voice of reason.
    I guess for some ignorance is bliss, you have to admit, the head-fi hobby isn't always as rewarding as we make it out to be.
  9. Prog Rock Man
    I have had appreciation rather than problems. I was at a listening station that had Senn HD201/202 and Denon AH D501. I said to him that I know a bit about headphones told him about each one, comfort and type of sound. He thanked me and I saw he listened to each and got the HD201s, the cheapest (and IMO the best).
  10. Currawong Contributor
    Slightly different, but back when I was selling office electronics (faxes, computers, printers, etc):
    Customer: I want this USB thing replaced. It's broken.
    Me: I have to test it quickly first, wont take a minute.
    Customer: My IT guy says this USB thing is broken, there's no need to test it.
    Me: It wont take a moment.
    I plug it in to a computer and it works perfectly.
    Me (to surprised customer): I think your IT guy is broken and it's him you need to replace.
    I have been through much the same variation when it comes to computers, headphones and numerous other types of gear.  I just leave people to their own choices now if they wont listen to my advice.
  11. Scott_Tarlow
    LFF, I share your pain, but if you justified your advice by saying you were a member of an internet forum, I would probably roll my eyes too. I would have lied and said I am a headphone collector and I spend all my money on headphones, and I have tried hundreds. Well I guess that wouldn't be a lie, but you get my drift.
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  12. beachgeek
    LOL, this is great!
  13. Aurvergne
    It would be a glorious era when [veteran/experienced] head-fi members are working at audio hardware stores.
  14. Satellite_6
    It's hard to take advice or admit you were wrong. It's the human ego I guess. . . and people are just dumb. [​IMG]
  15. Seamless Sounds
    I'm no psychologist (though I've taken a course in general psychology), but here's my theory. In the first scenario, his beliefs were influenced by his peer as well as the online reviews. Changing his belief is very difficult! Plus he never asked you for advice. So to him, you're a stranger, and one should not take advice from a stranger no matter how correct it may seem.
    In scenario 2, the way you explained it to them made it seem like they were dumb or inferior. When people feel a sense of inferiority, they will stop listening to you as is the case here.
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