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Shure srh940 vs the sennheiser hd 25 1 ii. (james mcprogger here you go)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bcasey25raptor, Jan 11, 2012.
  1. extrabigmehdi


    I  disagree, but this might depend of the source (I got most crisp sound out of xonar stx)
  2. extrabigmehdi


    Laid back, doesn't mean bad, just  a different flavor. Lot of open sennheiser headphones  are known to be "laid back", and have lot of praise.
    I  don't find the srh940 to be "laid back".
  3. crinacle
    I thought the SRH940 was 'technically' superior, technical being in clarity and detail. The HD25s are definitely more fun with a waaay superior PRaT factor, but lack in the resolution of the Shures.

    Saying that the SRH940 is 'Shure's Beats' is a little exaggerated. IMO it has the highest detail of any headphones I've heard under $1000, at only 250. That's hardly Beats overpriciness.
  4. LizardKing1
    I clicked this just for the lol the title caused me. I'm sorry casey, I know you're more experienced than me, and I haven't even had the immense pleasure of trying the SRH940. Having said that, it's weird to compare a full-size to an on-ear. Especially if the full-size has felt pads and the on-ear has leatherette pads, which already suggests different purposes. And much more if one is completely analytical and detailed and the other has a fun, DJ enjoyable signature! They are not meant for the same thing! Comparing them is unfair, it's like saying your uncle's tractor isn't as fast as your car - of course not, it wasn't created for speed, but for farm work! They are simply very different. What next, AKG K701 vs Ultrasone Pro900? Again I haven't tried them, but calling them Shure's Beats just seems unfair.
  5. PomPWNius
    Could you do a comparison between HD25 and srh840?
  6. bcasey25raptor


    I already did 
  7. PomPWNius
    Recieved my HD25's today in the mail. I must say they have a better first appeal than my srh940. I need to get in some brain burn in before I make any assumptions though.
  8. Pratt
    The 940's are not laid back at all imo either, in fact they are the most exciting cans I've yet heard (but not so much as to be less than neutral). They are also the most neutral and sound great with any genre. Sound great out of anything too, easy to drive.
  9. LizardKing1
    As of this moment I'm believing Casey blocked my account   ಠ_ಠ

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