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Shure SRH440 vs. Grado SR60i

  1. RandomUser
    Hello, head-fi people!
    I'm stuck with the same old question - Shure SRH440 or Grado SR60i. My main concern is that I wear glasses all the time and I'm not truly sure about these headphones ergonomics. Mostly I listen to 70's rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd etc.), blues rock (B.B. King, John Lee Hooker) and soul. Ocasionaly some trance and rave tracks. At this time I'm thinking of buying Shure 440 and in future upgrade them with 840 pads. 
    As I was reading another threads I noticed many good reviews about Creative Aurvana Live which are cheaper alternative, but I'm not a big fan of bass. Does the bass there is so noticable?
    P.S. Do I need to start thinking about sound card if I'm going to use these headphones on my PC with 320kbps *.mp3 and .flac? Now it's motherboards default.
  2. xkonfuzed

    The Grado's will do better with rock/metal and such because of their forward midrange and sparkly treble.

    The CAL! has more bass than both the phones you mentioned, and yes it is noticeable when switching from any neutral headphone to the CAL!'s. However, they are by far the easiest to listen to for long listening sessions since the Grados and Shure's might cause you an ear ache.

    You might wanna invest in an external USB DAC. Schiit Modi is a great place to start at $99.
  3. RandomUser

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