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Shure se215 or Klipsch x10? Anything better than those in the price range?

  1. Googolplex147
    Hey guys, so I need to get a new pair of IEMs, and after some research I am quite interested in the shure se215, until I saw the incredible sale on amazon of the x10, for just $130, as their regular price is $350. The Shures are a $100, so since they are now both at the same price range, which one is better? I previously used sennheiser cx870, but they weren't everything I expected from them. I'm looking for good soundstage, some nice bass, but not too overpowering or muddy, clarity, and I guess overall quality of the product.
    Also, is there any difference between the regular se215 and the new limited blue edition se215ltd? If so, is the $20 upgrade worth it?
    Are there are any other IEMs in this price range that I should consider?
    To clarify, my largest concern is that the x10 use a single armature driver, while se215 uses dynamic driver, and from what I hear, only one BA can't be as good as a dynamic, unless used in multiple numbers per 'phone. Is this true? Does this play a role in such an expensive (originally) headphone?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Googolplex147
    So it's been a day.... I'm going to bump ths real quick..... Could someone actually help with their opinion?
  3. Elektrospeed
    Well I can tell you those little bastards (referring to the X10's) sound a lot better than my dual BA XBA-2. And as of right now, the later are even more expensive.
    Haven't heard the SE215.
    You could also look for the RE262 or Audeo PFE in the price range.
  4. zerocoolhifi
    I can tell you that the x10s are currently my favorite, the bass is nice and tight not muddy or boomy. The detail is excellent.
  5. Googolplex147

    Thanks, what are you comparing them to?
  6. ScaryFatKidGT
    Yeah idk I have S4's, 215's, Jamz and some other cheaper ones and I love my 215's my only complain is they lack a little treble, its not bad but is deffenatly behind the mids. The S4's have the bass of the gods (if you can deal with it being a little lose) but can get harsh in the upper mids/low treble. The Jamz are really nice and balanced but have more treble and not as much bass as the 215's and the 215's mid range is way more detailed.
    I have almost got the X10's but pass due to them being a single BA so there for they cannot cover the whole frequency, they either have to compromise on the highs lows or a little of both, but that doesn't mean they can sound great where they do play.
  7. ScaryFatKidGT
    oh and I have no idea about the blue 215's. Id say they will have better re sale value but more low end isnt really what they need
  8. zerocoolhifi
    Comparing them to jvc fx101 and my monster turbine pro gold
  9. Googolplex147
    I see, thanks. Is there anyone who has heard both?

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