Should There Be A Skeptics' "Cables Make No Difference" Sticky?
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Originally Posted by null_pointer_us /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I was asked questions by someone, and I answered them.

Why pick on me and forget about the people who are interacting with me?

Because you started it (see post #27), and while others are responding, you could address this in another thread instead of polluting this thread. You could politely suggest that this thread not be diverted any further, and you could stop responding.

The problem you reference happens in all these types of threads. The OP asks a legitimate question that does not fairly call for the "cable debate." Someone comes along and diverts the thread by saying cables don't make a difference. Then someone responds with the contrary position. It goes back and forth for a few posts.

Then someone comes along and says, "Hey guys, can we get back to the original topic." And the person who diverted says, "Well, they responded to me," or "They keep answering me," and so the diversion continues for multiple pages. And it never ends, because each side wants to have the last word or respond to something someone else just said on the new topic.

It seems to me as the one who diverted this thread initially, you should be the "stand up" guy and put an end to it. Again, if you want to start your own thread on the digital cable issue, feel free.

EDIT: After I posted this, I saw your recent suggestion to move the "digital" discussion to another thread. I appreciate that.
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Originally Posted by pabbi1 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I will never, ever understand why DBT is disallowed, everywhere, but it's corollary, 'Cables Don't Matter', apparently, is.

This has never made much sense to me either. If you read the stickies setting forth the logic behind the banning of DBT discussion and its relegation to the Sound Science forum, it applies with equal force to the "cables don't matter" argument, IMO.
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Hey Null

I thought that was a good post, and you should repost it.

IMHO, you did an admirable job attempting to explain the science behind digital cables to those who do not believe in the science of 1s and 0s.

You maintained a professional level of discussion through out the entire thread, never once returning in kind, the slings and arrows that were thrown at you. It needed to be done because science must always take precedence over popular belief systems.... It is the way we have emerged from the dark ages.

If I could have said it as well as you, I would have, but I don't win arguments with Phil.

When Phil made this thread, he knew full well that he was putting up a target for everyone to take pot shots at. He did this for his enjoyment as well as yours and mine and everyone else who participated or read it. It's an extremely controversial topic, but the truth, as you pointed out must remain in the realm of science.

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As I stated to null_pointer_us in a PM, I sincerely appreciate his willingness to try to clean up this thread and get it back on track. I hope others will follow his lead.

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