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Should I upgrade my EP-630?

  1. supernatural
    I've had these for I think 3 years now and these were my first IEMs. I'm thinking of upgrading them to the Vsonic GR02 Bass edition ones since one ear has stopped working. The question is, will I notice a significant difference since the prices differ by only 20$ or so? Or is such a minor upgrade not even worth the money?
    I'll be using these on my samsung galaxy plus and on my laptop if that matters.
  2. Madhawanm
    EP 630 are classic entry lever ear phones, I used to have them like 3 years back and loved it to the core. I think you can move on to something like ATH-CKM 500, Even i am about to buy them and many people recomended me that. If you into a lot of bass, May be you can go for Shure S215 or ATH CK77..they both cost nearly 70-80 $

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