should I start a cd collection?
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Jun 5, 2008
To date I have gotten a lot of my stuff either in compressed form online or from cd's being ripped onto my computer. I have done a lot of research and it seems like no real service exists to buy lossless or > 320 recordings. I am thinking of just going to frequent sites such as to go and just buy used cd's to save money and be able to build a hard collection in case for whatever reason my digital stuff gets deleted, corrupted, etc... Would this be an effective way to go about building my collection or is there any other alternatives that you guys know of that I may have passed over?
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Used cd shops are a good place to fill in the blanks. You may not find full catalogs but you can find some good stuff. I got lucky and got the full catalog of Steely Dan for $5 ea.
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You don't have music on source at all? Just digital?

You haven't heard a CD through a good system/player/phones?
Haven't flipped thru a foldout booklet w/ art, design and sleeve notes?
What I guess we'd call the joy of ownership of an artifact...

Wow, I couldn't conceive of just having, say, The Doors albums without all the, um ,trappings, or Captain Beefheart's 'Grow Fins' w/out the box set & detailed liner notes to ponder over....

Man, I feel old.
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I have some cd's but most of my stuff is "downloaded" I am looking to start a legit collection though so I guess going and buying used cd's is really the only way to get a hold of lossless stuff like that. *pulls out his wallet and opens*

I really like having a hard copy of what I have ripped so I guess it works out well.
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Completely in agreement with building a collection, I miss the joy of buying a record (with a gatefold sleeve, glossy single sleeve, inner liner with pix, whatever), but CDs work too, almost...just smaller

Buying used CDs is a great way to go...I buy used a lot. Too many really, but hey, who's counting? (My wife, that's who....)
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Bet that'll soon rise to 5/7 CDs a week

Addictive stuff, buying used to be had.
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CD collecting was fun for me. I used go to this CD/LP store and go through their used CD bins. I always find something to buy. They even had a return/exchange policy if the used CD has any problem playing on my CD player.
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I've inadvertently become addicted to building my CD collection. Most of the artists I listen to aren't available in online stores, and I avoid limewire like the plague, so I was kinda forced into it. Also, I love my stereo.
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hmm yeah looks cool but I rather be able to consolidate my order and have it ship in one thing to save cash. I will have to give amazon a look though but from now on I have a feeling I will be buying a lot of used cd's so I have a hard backup of my stuff. A really cool thing I have on my monstrous home theater in my home is a McIntosh music server that auto imports cd's into it and rips in flac and auto tags everything. So I ill have a hard copy a digital lossless on my nas and a digital copy on my theater's server..../win
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Join the cd clubs too. You get a good deal to join and you can buy your required discs. They offer similar to stay a member, like BMG or Columbia House.
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Luckily I live in the Boston area and I can go to Newbury Comics. A TON of used there. Cheap too. To answer your question, yes. Do it. I like the "physicalness" of the CDs. I can follow the lyrics and look at artwork and whatnot. The first physical CD I bought was Kid A by Radiohead, and that was about...4 months ago. Now I have around 30 CDs.

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Originally Posted by Happy Camper /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Join the cd clubs too. You get a good deal to join and you can buy your required discs. They offer similar to stay a member, like BMG or Columbia House.

thanks! $7 bucks for anything and free shipping! I wonder if I get the jewelcase and everything besides the disk itself.
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Originally Posted by salannelson /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Luckily I live in the Boston area and I can go to Newbury Comics.

That's cool, I just bought a CD from them off of a few days ago.

And to the topic, I agree that legit forms of media are great to have around. Because it always gives off a bad vibe if you're loading in an obvious homemade CD or DVD to watch or listen to in front of guests.

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