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Should i buy hd660s if i already have a DT1990pro?

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  1. Tsukuyomi
    Was just wondering if i should buy a 660S despite having a 1990pro. Im not selling the 1990pros, it would just be adding.
    My source is a Fostex HP4A.
    My library is mostly 16bit Flac with some 24bit.
  2. squee116
    I haven't heard either, but if the 660s is really just a better 650, I have some experience with it. If I recall, the 660s should be warmer than the 1990 pros, so there would be some level of complimenting one another, but it would also depend on what you are using it for (just music? also movies? also games? etc), and whether or not you prefer warm to neutral to bright, etc.
  3. der_Asiate
    It doesn't really makes sense.
  4. Tsukuyomi
    because why?
  5. Tsukuyomi
    Mostly Music. not really watching movies or gaming.
  6. der_Asiate
    You like the DT1990, the HD660 is a good headphone, but I don't think you will keep both, I had that so often, you think, you buy another one to add it to your main Headphone and be happy.
    But then the comparison starts and that's the end of satisfaction.
    That's not useful, you can step up and buy for example the LCD2c, then you have a good headphone for music and maybe you will sell the Beyerdynamic.
  7. Tsukuyomi
    ideally i would like to have 1 mid-fi headphone of each type. so regular dynamic, tesla dynamic (beyer) and 1 planar (audeze? or stax?)
    i like to be able to have variety
  8. der_Asiate
    Okay, if you want to do so, no Problem.
    The HE400i is great, but it hasn't the best build quality,
    the HE4XX is also a great Planar Magnetic.
    Then you can also think about the HD650 or HD660s.
    Why Tesla dynamic?, for me the only good Beyer is the T5p, because it's a great closed Headphone,
    but IMO is the Beyerpeak on most other Beyer's terrible. Tesla isn't something completly different as a Stax or a Planar.
  9. zazex
    I agree with @der_Asiate.

    To me, there's no good reason to have 3 or 4 mid-fi (or upper mid-fi) headphones.
    Except if you need a closed set and an open set.
    They'll all sound quite similar after a short while.
    At first you might find some pleasure in comparing them and
    picking out their differences. But that pleasure wanes quickly.

    I suggest - I urge you to reach and put your resources and interest
    in a truly fine headphone. A better Audeze, or Grado perhaps -
    such will, I believe, make quite a dramatic impact. You'll hear
    things in your music you've never heard before, the location of
    various instruments will become more precisely defined, the
    soundstage itself will be presented in new and different ways.
    It seems from your post that you take your music and gear
    seriously, so again I urge you to take a few steps up - even
    using your present amp and sources - and enjoy a higher
    quality experience with your music. I'm not a betting man,
    but I might just bet on this: you won't want to go back to

    Tsukuyomi likes this.
  10. der_Asiate
    That's absolutly true,
    I had a long time ago the HD650, K702, DT990 and DT770, then I bought the HE500.
    I was really amazed by the Hifiman, so I selled all the other Mid-Fi cans and I was happy for a long long time. Now I also have some other cans to, but I still remind me to the time where I got only the HE500, it was the best time for me, because now, especially with my HD800, the comparison is there, not that nice, enjoying Music is still good, but you also think about, if you should change to the other Headphone.
  11. megabigeye
    I disagree with der_Asiate and zazex.
    I own the DT 1990 and the HD 650 (sorry, no experience with the HD 660, so I can't speak directly to that) and they offer vastly different listening experiences and are a complement to each other. Sometimes you want detail and treble, sometimes you want a smooth presentation.

    Sound signature aside, though, the DT 1990 is head and shoulders above the HD 650, especially in dynamics and detail retrieval. Unless the HD 660 is similarly better than the HD 650, I think you may be a bit disappointed.
  12. Tsukuyomi
    What kind of source are you using? amp and dac wise
  13. Tsukuyomi
    the HD800 is definitely out of my budget range at the moment, i was Considering the Hifiman Sundara but im not sure it might be good enough(again, still mid-fi) I wouldn't mind giving the Audeze LCD2C(Classic) for half an hour or so before investing that much.
    I might also require more amp power if i were to get the LCD2-Classic.
    People have told me i should look into Focal headphones because apparently they're gaining much popularity. but again, quite expensive.
  14. Tsukuyomi
    I do take my music listening quite serious as its a great way for me to relax after work.
    I'm definitely interesting in finding something i can lead back and enjoy however i do enjoy variety as well.
  15. megabigeye
    I have a Peachtree nova65SE, a Dragonfly Red that I sometimes pair with a Bottlehead Quickie and Quicksand, and sometimes use on its own. And the Crack is on sale right now and it's... uh... tempting.

    Also, don't get me wrong, I love the HD 650, but they're not on a par with the Beyers.
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