(Short) REVIEW: Lenntek Sonix Micro - Fantastic Deal at 2 Pairs for $24.99 (Includes two bonus hard clamshell cases)
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Jun 26, 2008
Strolling through Costco several days ago, I happened upon a display next to the iPods. They were showcasing several earphones, IEMs, and headphones. A particular promotion caught my eye. Two fully packed Lenntek Sonix Micros, with two bonus hard clamshell cases for $24.99. I remember reading joker's review on them in this thread, so I took a chance and picked em up.
Packaging, Accessories, Build, Comfort
(2) Lenntek Sonix Micro
(4) Pairs of Black Silicone Tips - (1) Pair in White
(2) 2 foot extension cords
(2) Soft Carrying Pouch
(2) Hard Clamshell Cases
The thing to note are the two included hard cases. I use the word hard liberally, they don't compare in durability to the case included with my Shure's, but these are definitely enough to protect your IEMs. Also of note, when fully opened, each side comes with a nylon net to secure your IEMs. I find that it also perfectly accommodates both the Lennteks when coiled properly as well as my Sansa Clip +. The fit is quite snug, but certainly not a force fit.
The included tips were of ample quality. The stock tips were the optimal fit for me. I find them just as comfortable as my Sony Hybrids, honestly.
The Micros, for a price point of $12.50 each, are head and shoulders above anything I've seen in this price range in regards to build quality. The nylon cable is of good quality, the metal housings are solid, the strain reliefs are a little quirky in appearance but work.
Being so small, I find that they fit very comfortably. There is a small case of microphonics when worn straight down, but I found it to be less than those of my Marshmallows and my HJE900. I also find that they are more comfortable to wear than those two.
(Note: Though they are rated at 32 ohms, they are very easily driven.)
If I could describe them in a nutshell, the Micro's would fall under 'fun'. Bass oriented, nice and snappy, they extend fairly well, more so than my JVC Marshmallows. They excel at Hip-Hop/Rap and Electronic music, but I also find they handle Alternative and Samba very well. "Phantom Limb" by The Shins a joy to listen to with these. Certainly not a revelation like my HJE-900s, but definitely smile worthy, especially at this price point. They did need some EQing a bit to really bring them out, to bring out the treble especially. However, I find that these do not handle metal very well. It's merely acceptable.
Bottom Line
For $24.99, I don't think you can find a better deal than this. They aren't world beaters, but if you need a pair to take with you to go out and about, they provide a fun, enjoyable listening experience paired with stout construction and comfort.
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Mar 2, 2009
That's a heck of a deal. I love the way the Micros look and the way they are packaged. They really make and excellent gift for the average iPod user, especially at that price. Might have to go pick some up

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