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I used to dabble around with cartridge razors from Gillette and electric shavers from both Philips Norelco and Braun. And when I used cartridge razors, I used whatever cheaper drugstore aerosol foam or gel that I felt like trying at the time.

Recently, I switched to a double-edge safety razor, and used a tube (not an aerosol can) of shaving cream. Except for a few minor nicks, I have gotten used to this type of shaving. I decided to start out with a variety pack of double-edge blades in order to find out which blade would suit me best. The blades in the variety package cost a bit more per blade than larger-packs of a single variety of blades but still much cheaper than the ridiculously high prices that drugstores charge for any double-edge razor refills (at drugstore prices, I would have ended up spending more than half as much money as I would have with a cartridge razor refill on a per-shave basis - too close for cost comfort).

While the double-edge razor (a Merkur 34c) will be my primary razor for at-home shaving, I will definitely keep my current Philips Norelco rotary electric razor for travel.
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I decided to start out with a variety pack of double-edge blades in order to find out which blade would suit me best.
Feather....always and only Feather
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I think Feather is best for coarse hair and Derby is best for finer hair.
Derby is smoother than Feather and more gentle on skin, but doesn't cut as well as Feather.
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I've used safety (big foot brand? I can't remember) and was one of the quickest and easiest to maintain. Gillete glides of any style are okay to learn on, but eventually leave me wanting a cleaner shave when compared to a safety razor. Used a Braun 3 electric shaver which was good for sideburns/basic maintenance but found it actually nicked my skin more often than I was comfortable with.
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Electric wet/dry shaver with shaving gel. I can't use a regular bladed razor. For whatever reason the skin on my neck is rough or something and it nicks the crap out of me. If I use a regular razor when I get done it looks like someone attacked me with a belt sander lol. I don't shave that often anymore though. I am single, don't work and am lazy lol. I let it grow out until it gets annoying then take a trimmer to it and shave with an electric razor. I normally do my hair at the same time. I don't pay to get my hair cut. I just buzz it off with clippers.

My hair grows fast though. I had a beard in the 8th grade and they made me shave it lol. In the military I had to shave twice a day in boot camp. I can grow a beard in about two weeks.

Lots of people shave in the shower, it is fairly common and saves time.
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Before audio, there was wetshaving. I'm still in the hobby but with far less enthusiasm for high end gear.
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Back when I was 19 I said damn razors are expensive 6$ here 7$ there I said I wonder how much people spend in 40yrs on razors so I said F that and went to a local flea market and found a couple of old fashioned straight razors for 5$ each and fixed them up got rid of the rust and sharpened them and I haven't bought a disposable razor in over 15yrs and the shave is a lot better then these stupid 6 blade crap they have at Walmart wwaaayyyy more satisfying too.
I think the one I'm using right now is a shumate from 1919 yeah it's old but damn good steel
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Prefer Feather but also use Derby. Mekur 34c razor. Haven’t purchased plastic reusable razors in like 15 years. Still can’t believe how much they cost.

Would go for a straight razor, but whew.
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I usually shave in the shower using soap and cheap Bic razor. If I could get blades for my old Trac II I'd be a happy little shaver.

But if I go 4-5 days, which I am likely to do every 4-5 days, I'm lucky if one Bic razor will take it off. So I ought a straight razor and am going to try that.

I actually bought a used razor with micarta handle to go with my stilettos with micarta handles by the same company and liked it well enough I decided to buy a new one. This is supposed to be mother of pearl inlay.

I'm going to have to get more than a bar of soap and something more steady than standing in the shower. Probably a better German razor, too.

Maybe a nice warm bath, just me and the razor...

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