Shanling M3s - dual AK4490 DAC, 2.5 balanced out, aptX BT, HiBy link, USB out, FW 1.2 out

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  1. Shanling
    Introducing new Shanling M3s

    MSRP 279 USD

    Firmware updates
    Videos and reviews
    Tips and FAQ

    Main features:

    • Fully balanced audio circuit based on dual AK4490EN DAC, followed with dual MUSE8920 and dual AD8397 headphone amps.
    • Low output impedance, to assure best compatibility with senstiive multidriver IEMs - 0.3 ohm on single ended and 0.6 ohm on balanced output
    • Support of DSD256 and PCM up to 32/384
    • Multifunctional USB C port, allowing M3s to be used both as external DAC with your computer or smarthphone, or as USB transport for external DAC. (best matched with our L2 USB cable)
    • Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X support
    • Compatible with HiBy Link feature, control everything from your smartphone over bluetooth
    • Comfortable size at 113 x 53 x 14.5 mm, reasonable weight at 135 g
    • 3 inch retina screen with 480*800 resolution (300 PPI), newly with Oleophobic coating to reduce finger prints
    • Improved battery life with over 13 hours on single charge (balanced output reduces batttery life to 8 hours)
    • Standby/hybernation/deep sleep mode
    • Beatiful construction from two 2.5D glass panels and aluminum frame
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  2. Shanling
    Firmware 1.2 for Shanling M3s

    Google drive link:

    New function:

    1. HiBy Link app for iOS system released (beta test version), now any iOS device can be used to control the M3s. How to install guide is included in zip file.

    Changes and fixes:

    1.Fixed the problem of the M3s automatically connecting to Bluetooth headsets when Bluetooth is turned off.

    2. Fixed the problem of having no sound when playback is restarted from standby mode.

    3.Fixed the problem of the progress bar not moving during playback.

    4.Fixed the problem of showing the Bluetooth pop-up window when playback is restarted from standby mode.

    5.Fixed the problem when M3s couldn’t wake up from standby mode after TF card was pulled out.

    6. Clock Lock screen was removed to assure more convenient usage. Now current time is displayed only on top of the screen.

    7.Fixed other small system bugs
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  3. Shanling
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  4. Shanling
    Tips and FAQ

    How does the digital filters change the sound?

    In M3s we use AKM AK4490 DAC and AKM prepared this useful chart explaining the functions of different filters and their effect on sound:
    digital filters M3s.png

    Can the single ended and balanced output be used at the same time?

    It is possible, but it can lead to overheating and damaging the player. So we don't recommend this.

    My M3s is warmer when using balanced output. Is it normal?

    Since balanced output uses double amount of audio components, it's normal for the player to get warmer compared to single ended output.

    How can I go quickly through my music library?

    For quick scrolling use the prev and next buttons on left side of the player.

    I messed up something during Firmware update and my unit doesn't react now, any help?

    Send PM to Shanling and we will provide you with tool that can fix most software problems.

    How can I set up HiBy Link for my player?

    Go to our HiBY link thread, where you will find all needed info.

    What is file limit on M3s?

    15 000 songs

    Shanling M3s USB Driver

    Tip: Press and hold the wheel while on now playing screen for quick access to settings and more options.
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  5. BartSimpson1976
    Hm, as it has been announced today I believe it should have no issues with the new 400GB card.
    Sounds all absolutely great for me, especially at that price point!

    But do I see correctly that it will not be real USB-C but only USB 2.0 in USB-C shape?
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  6. eaglesgift
    USB-C is a connector type, like micro USB or mini USB, not a USB standard.
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  7. BartSimpson1976
    yeah, but I think you know what I mean
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  8. eaglesgift
    No, sorry I haven't a clue. I wasn't trying to be funny.
  9. BartSimpson1976
    no need for full quotes in direct replies!
  10. musicday
    Screen is still 3 inch and same resolution?
  11. HombreCangrejo
    Does single-ended output use both DACs? Headphone outputs in the bottom is great for me, more logical in all senses. Battery life in balanced could have been better but, hey, this is a world of compromises, it's more powerful than single-ended and a bigger battery won't have allowed to keep the form factor and 135g. As long as I don't need streaming, this model really suits my needs, also in price.
  12. alphanumerix1
    Another interest release from shanling wouldnt mind reviewing a unit.
  13. Niyologist
    I need to get this. <_<
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  14. golov17
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  15. jazonmarkz
    Nice specs, just what I need. better battery and low output impedance! is the card slot also dual or just single slot?
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