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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. abitdeef
    Lol Orchid rocks too, pretty to look at also :wink:
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  2. fish1050
    This is the first DAP I have owned with different filter options so I never worried about it before and really still don't. I mean if it all happens at inaudible frequencies then why obsess about it so much. Pick a filter that sounds good to you and be done with it. I made alot of money selling crazy expensive audio gear to people who obsessed about this stuff. I once sold a near $100,000 system to a guy who spent days testing every system permutation and every filter and tweak. I listened to the same gear he did and very rarely heard a difference with different filters settings but he was convinced he did and paid a crazy price for it. If I couldn't hear a difference on systems that good not going to sweat it on a $139 DAP.
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  3. ThEvil0nE
    what's the average (real world) battery life, let's say, moderate /above moderate volumes?
  4. abitdeef
    I think I get about 9-10 hours real time use, I’m going to do a battery test just for fun. I’ve never run the thing dead so it might be more (battery meter is not accurate) what a surprise right? :wink:

    Anyways that’s with no Eq and volume at 60 with Flac, mp3, hi res and some DSD. Mostly flac though. And I don’t fiddle with the screen much at all and no Bluetooth use either. Pretty good for a tiny unit with a beefy detailed output.

    Oh and part of that time is also using line out setting for use in my vehicle.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
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  5. martiniCZ
    ... and listening over BT does not have much effect on battery life, did not measure it, but I estimate it around 8-9 hours at 60% volume, I think it's sufficient considering its dimensions.
  6. gazzington
    I agree as I use mainly flacs too
  7. fish1050
    The battery meter is not even close to accurate. I got like 3 hours use after the low battery message came on. Letting it drain fully I got about 12 hours with volume typically 50 to 55 but I leave bluetooth turned off when not using it. Screen timer set to 20 seconds. All these settings will impact battery life to some degree of course as will the amount of time you spend playing with the screen. I guess one of the unplanned benefits for me is since I am frustrated with using the touchscreen I avoid using it as much as possible which should help battery life. :triportsad:

    I know talking to the Sony reps with my A17 they recommended letting the battery drain fully every month or so. This is suppose to help keep the battery meter calibrated. I just charged the M0 fully after the full drain so I will see if it helps at all. I think one area Sony is much better is the accuracy of their battery meter on their DAP's. The meter on my A17 after 4 years is still pretty accurate. The M0 is intriguing in that while it has a very small battery compared to most DAP's it also has a very simple UI. It will be interesting to see how the battery life holds up over time.

    One good thing about buying an inexpensive DAP is I won't feel as pressured to keep it long term like I would with a more expensive DAP.
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  8. Czoken
    I'm having trouble connecting my m0 to my bluetooth transmiter. It does connect but only in SBC mode, while this adapter does support aptX-LL and aptX. Can i somehow force my m0 to connect via aptX? I've had troubles with connecting it to my phone via LDAC too, and it worked somehow but i have no idea how did it.
    Btw this is this adapter http://www.avantree.com/category-bl...ooth-usb-audio-adapter-avantree-dg50-828.html
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  9. Vimtoman
    Just checked out a Sony speaker SRS-X33 and that shows LDAC.
    I would see if your pair of headphones can be reset to remove older pairings/
    Also check to see if there has been any copies made of this headphone. I hate to mention it but it may be fake.
  10. sunshine83
    I bought my speaker from high street shop in London, it can't be fake. The headphones I tried were also bought from a high street store. I don't know if my m0 has issues. Waiting to hear from @Shanling
  11. BD6DD
    I purchased and received the M0 today. I wasn't clear how it could be wired up for use, so I decided to just buy one and try it. I'm also a new owner of the Sony WH-1000XM2, i believe an iPhone is the best transport and I want to send audio using LDAC to the Sony's. Knowing the iPhone doesn't have a DAC and can output pure digital to a DAC, I thought I could use the M0 to convert to LDAC and get high quality audio to the Sony's.

    I also own the Audioquest Dragonfly Red and the Apple Lightning to USB dongle:

    The M0 is set to USB DAC mode and BT to LDAC High. Sony's were paired with M0.

    Here are the things I tried and results:
    Apple dongle via USB to M0, with hopes of the M0 internal DAC passing audio via LDAC - no output (i believe the M0 can't be powered with this config to use it as a DAC?)
    Apple dongle to Dragonfly Red, audio out into the analog headphone jack, with hopes of M0 passing audio via LDAC - no output
    Late 2009 iMac (macOS 10.13.6) via USB to M0, with hopes of M0 passing audio via LDAC - no output

    What gives? No audio in and no BT passthrough? How could i get this device to pass high quality audio to the Sony's via LDAC?

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  12. tacit
    Dear friends, got my Shanling m0 couple days ago. it is generally great but first problem I noticed that it does not remember track (or location) after I turn it off. Any help and comments appreciated.
  13. JimmyJam
    Did you check the settings? I think there is a "save" location.
  14. tacit
    Yes, I did check save, I tried track and location to no avail.
  15. abitdeef
    I’m confused, first of course the iPhone has a dac, it’s made by Cirrus logic it’s included in an apple chip. The dac in the M0 is better so why not just send LDAC from the M0? That would be high quality audio. Especially for BT transmission.

    Anyways the Sony headphones have their own dac to process the sound input so dac doesn’t really matter now that I think about it. You could probably buy a BT transmitter that does LDAC and supports digital output from any source if you want to use your iPhone.

    Most any dap can output a pure digital signal bypassing their dac, usually this is used as a transport to a mojo or idsd micro etc that has a better dac, so the iPhone isn’t special in that regard.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
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