September 16th Vancouver Head-Fi MEET!
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Jan 25, 2009
OK nice and simple. Local Head-Fi meet. Sunday, September 16th @12:00-5:00 PM (obviously). At Coal Harbour Community Center. Most likely would be Sponsors. Bring your gear. Share your gear. Talk and have fun! This will be (hoping!) a large local meet right here in Vancity! Like I said above, Sponsors with their products are VERY likely this meet! Hoping for this to be a HUGE success and either Travis ( and/or I will be posting details as we approach the desired date. Bring your friends and let's make this a great meet! I unfortunately missed the last meet during January and I'm hoping members who attended that event can join us in this event. Cheers!
Subscribe and keep updated! Don't be like me who discovers meets a week after it's over!
Come to my table for name tags! Also, I'll have Alcohol wipes handy at the meet.
Personally, I will be providing the group with my Samsung Ultrabook, Calyx Coffee DAC, Marantz CD5003 CD player (bring your CDs if you wanna use your own music!), Hifiman EF5 with stock tubes, Vintage AKG K141, Hifiman HE400 version 2, Grado SR225i with tape mod, Etymotic ER-4S, Audeo PFE232, Hifiman HM-602 player.. I think it will be pretty pointless to bring my Custom IEM, but i'll bring it anyway to discuss with others about re-shelling, customs, and etc.
inline79 is bringing his monoprice 8323 and Superlux HD668B.
khoi14021993 is bring his Audio Technica W3000ANV
Slowfade will be bringing his iPod Classic, TTVJ slim, Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo, Sennheiser HD-600 and Etymotic ER-4S
DaBomb77766 MIGHT attend. If he does, he is bringing his Vmoda M-80, Redgiant A03, GR07 which I believe is in the middle of a re-cable. He won't be bringing his modded T50RP or HD595.

TwinQY is bringing (maybe) LCD-2, HE-400, Westone 4, possibly a modded SR80i and possibly the Benchmark DAC-1 PRE

Kezghan is bringing his RE0, TF10vi, RE252, HD-25, Monster Turbine Gold and Copper, Koss Porta Prom Brainwavs B2, Ety ER-4PT w/S adapter, Monoprice 8320, PA2V2, Sound Magic A10, Digizoid ZO2.3 and a Topping TP30. Also a lot of IEM tips

Palmfish is bringing his Logitech Squeezebox Touch, and vintage Carver Reciever. He made a 4 pin Neutrik connecter for his Carver Reciever. No LA7000 for the meet.

ShortieFish is bringing Denon D2k, Front Panel Express Amp, and a Sansa Clip.

Mutnat is bringing his iPods, JDSlabs C421-2227 amp, iBasso D-zero amp/dac, M-audio Q40, senn HD-25, and Shure SRH440. As well as some LOD.

Girls Generation is bringing a LCD2r2, O2, ODAC, and Westone ES5. Girls Generation is bringing Double Helix Cables' Flagship model the "Spore" at the meet compatible with the Sennheiser HD800 with XLR plugs. I for one am VERY eager to try this cable out. Also he is bringing a 16wire 26awg teflon LCD2 cable, and the Peptide IEM cable.

Derlus is bringing a first gen or 2.3 Digizoid ZO, Denon D2k, maybe a HD-25, and Sony XB500.

ianmedium is bringing Audeze LCD2 Rev1, Etymotic ER4S, Final Audio Piano Forte IX, Stax SR001-MK2,Final Audio Design Heaven S, RSA SR71-B Blackbird, iPod Classic/Cypher Labs Algorythm Solo, and maybe the Beyer DT1350. Also Toxic Cables Silver/Gold Balanced cable for the LCD2/3 with adapters.

esn89 is bringing V200, V800, SR325i, v6, Cowon J3 and laptop as his source. He doesn't know if he wants to bring his Squeezebox touch or not.

Travis will be bringing Shure SRH1840, Audio Technica W1000X, Sennheiser HD800, Sennheiser HD650, Audeze LCD3, Grado PS1000, Grado PS500, Hifiman HE500, Beyerdynamic T70p, Atomic Floyd Superdarts, Sennheiser IE80, Vsonic GR07, his Laptop, Schiit Bifrost & Lyr, Vmoda Vamp, JDS Labs C421, Audioquest Dragonfly, and a Hifiman HM-601. He might bring other stuff.

Please post what you're bringing so I can add it to this list!
RVSP list as I'm aware of at this point in time... Derlus, inline79, ianmedium (declined), Mutnat, Palmfish, ShortieFish, esn89, Girls Generation, Kezghan, khoi14021993, tonereef, twinQY, cegil, johthor, Slowfade, Weee, steven_1026, Travis and myself are attending as I'm aware of (if you said you will most likely make it or said you were going to make it early in the thread I included you).
MAYBES are [size=11pt]iamsmrt, WAYNENUMM, inline79, dabomb77766, CrocsRock, TheJeff, floydfan33, solaregg, Pure Quickness, and feckn_eejit.[/size]
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Jul 13, 2011
I'd certainly make an effort to make my way to one (since I'm very interested in listening to an LCD-2 prior to taking the plunge). Might have a toy or three of my own to bring along.
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Sep 7, 2009
I'm interested. The January meet looked pretty sweet, lots of nice gear there!  I don't have much to offer, just some HD25 and Shure 440 cans, C421-2227 and D-Zero amps, and a couple of iPods (one Classic and one Touch 4G).
Who organized the January one?  Can we get them involved with this one too?  :)
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Aug 15, 2011
Quite interested, but I'll only be around until the start of July. I'll wait on the official word of the meet date.

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