Sennheiser Urbanite on-ear or HD25 Light?
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Jan 30, 2020
Hi, I wanted to buy an on ear headphones and had my mind set to buying Sennheiser HD25 Lights, but then I have remembered that Urbanites exist :D I had a chance to listen to them in the XL version some time ago and quite liked them, but never heard the on ear variant.
So now that I could get a pair of unused Urbanites on ebay for around 30£ is it worth paying three times more for HD25 Light?
Has anyone heard both and at this price difference at the moment say it is worth the extra money? Thanks a bunch :)
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Ended up buying Urbanite On-Ear new for 25£ from ebay. In my opinion a bargain :) But my question still stands if anyone out here has tried both Urbanites and HD25.
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The regular HD 25s are a great headphone. The light version is not at all similar, different drivers, different headband, etc. should not be called HD 25 at all.

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