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Sennheiser Sweepstakes Presented by Sonic Electronix

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  1. SonicElectronix
    Hey there gals and guys,
    We're excited to announce that for the month of October we bring you Sennheiser the Sweepstakes. We were hoping to give away an HD419, HD429, and HD449 but Sennheiser wasn't having it. Now we bring you the Momentum 2 In-ears, Urbanite On-Ear Sand, IE 80 West In-Ear Monitors, and the new HD 630VB.
    So if you want a chance to win some free stuff put on your Sennheiser thinking cans, fill out the form and check out all the great Sennheiser products on Sonicelectronix.com.
    Good Luck!!!!
    Don't worry, you don't get disqualified for not getting the answers wrong. Answers will be posted at the end of the month.
    BTW. Don't be surprised if you see another Sennheiser sweepstakes on our website in the next week or two so keep checking.  Enter there for a chance to win as well.
  2. NeObliviscaris
    Unless I am blind and/or dumb, but the answers to those questions do not appear anywhere on the product page.....
  3. RochRx7
    No idea what the driver size is on the ugly ol HD630's.. 
  4. SonicElectronix
    Don't worry, you don't get disqualified for getting the answers wrong. They will be posted at the end of the month
  5. SonicElectronix
    It's the same as the age the Unipolar 2000 would be if it's birthday was today.
  6. RedJohn456
    Its possible to win even if we get the answers wrong? Thats dope!
  7. SonicElectronix

    Give props to U.S sweepstake laws........and us too as we want everyone to have a chance to win and learn more about Sennheiser.
    RedJohn456 likes this.
  8. RochRx7
    Awesome.. love the SonicElectronix deals and sweepstakes. 
  9. shultzee
    Cool.    Entered
  10. SonicElectronix
    Anybody planning on buying the new HD630VB?...........If you don't win one of course.
  11. RochRx7
    If they were a lot less expensive and a lot less ugly.. I'd highly consider it lol.. seriously.
  12. zabzaf

    Yep. I heard them at the Michigan Meet and they are deserving to be part of the HD line.
  13. SonicElectronix

    Awesome! I can't wait to hear them. 
  14. SonicElectronix
  15. howdy
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