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Sennheiser MM 550

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by svfusion, Feb 24, 2012.
  1. svfusion
    I bought these headphones a while back because I wanted the best BT phones. Happy with them but I wanted better sound quality. You can hardwire them and they sound amazing. I want to know if I can amp these using the cable. I have a Fiio E7, but since it is bluetooth I don't know if they are made to handle a lot of power. I don't want to blow them.. Also, does anyone know how these would compare against another Sennheiser model that is hardwired?
  2. svfusion
  3. svfusion
  4. Weaverox
    Personally, I think the sound is great, but they simply aren't loud enough for my taste.   I have another pair of wired Sennheiser's ($75 at Best Buy....Forget the Model), that are excellent sound quality as well as "power",  and much more affordable.   Can't beat the convenience of BT, but they definitely aren't the best choice to really crank it.   I hope BT technology overcomes that obstacle, but time will tell.   

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