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Sennheiser IE8, IE8i, IE80 - Advice Needed

  1. AbdulBasit
    Hello folks!
    I am a newbie in the high end IEM business. I am looking for a piece for fun listening. The two factors that I am considering is excellent bass and expansive sound-stage. After a lot of drooling over a lot of options (including Bowers & Wilkins C5, Monster Turbine variants etc.) I have finally decided to go for the Sennheiser IE8 after checking out the head-fi reviews. Now I have the following queries for the experts here:
    • Am I right in choosing the IE8 considering my priorities (bass and sound stage)? or are there any better options available at the same or a lower price point?
    • Since I use iPhone, should I go for the IE8i version, considering the news of the left driver dying after sometime?
    • Should I wait for the IE80? I have read that it lags behind the IE8 in bass area?
    • I very much like the B&W C5 (technology, aesthetics, tungsten - i love everything tungsten), so how does it compare to the IE8 strictly speaking in terms of sonic characteristics? just tell me briefly - I don't want you guys to go through the hassles of writing a detailed comparative review for a newbie :)
    Hoping a helping hand from you guys :)
    Warm regards

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