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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. sleeping_citizens
    All good! Fair enough.
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  2. ZenErik
    Most things sound better after you get used to the sound signature. Doesn’t mean there isn’t an emphasis in the HD820 that causes people to hear vocals as a bit more nasal on first listen when they’re used to something else.

    I found the ADX5000 way too bright and sibilant for my tastes when I first got it. Even decided to sell it. After a few days I came to like it and decided to keep them. These days I don’t really focus on the sibilance anymore, but if I switched to something else for a while and switched back I’d probably notice the treble quantity before getting used to the sound again.
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  3. 329161
    My advice for anyone interested - take everything you read here with a pinch of salt. Listen for yourself and then judge. I personally think it's crazy to plonk down several thousands of dollars without even listening to the thing first, but hey, that's just me.
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  4. QueueCumber
    That’s the thing. Without listing tracks and areas where you hear the issue, I can’t play around with placement on my head to see if it’s a reproducable issue related to how they’re being worn on your head, an issue with certain tracks/music/vocal ranges, or just something you’re hearing because you’re used to a different house sound and/or have a peculiar ear shape. I get a wide array of sound differences with these HPs depending on head placement, including some that are more nasally than others. The cups are HUGE.
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  5. 329161
    You may right. Maybe all 3 of us had the headphones on incorrectly.
    A side note - I heard this same boxiness/nasality/cupping effect whatever you want to call it on the VModa Crossfade 2, except it was more noticeable on the VModa. Maybe it can just be a side effect of having pronounced (non vShaped) mids in closed cans?
    Anyways, I'm out.
    Happy listening all!
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  6. Beagle
    I just got one, and I hear not a hint of nasality or boxyness at all. Even pre break-in. Very smooth and timbrally accurate. Nice bass, no bloat, but all the bases covered.

    But you must have them positioned correctly. For me, that was having them placed more up on the sides of the head, with the lower ear touching just inside the bottom of the pad opening.
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  7. pietcux
    Congrats to your purchase. Let us know what you think after some time with them, please.
  8. macbob713
    I just received my HD 820 today from Crutchfield, I’m listening to it now, with about 2 hours in. I’m using it with the Sennheiser HDV 820 amp, in balances mode via the pentagon balanced connection. First impressions are fantastic. I’ll update this in a few days.
  9. Beagle
    There is a fairly serious problem with pad seal inconsistency. Even with the "sweet spot" positioning, I find if I move my head or jaw just a bit or tilt my head, the seal and the bass changes. I've had this happen with several closed headphones (EL8 closed and AKG K872, for example) and it always ends up unacceptable. I can't use a headphone not knowing what particular sound I am going to get that day.

    No wonder the opinions on the 820 sound are all over the map.
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  10. up late
    you still may not hear what he described even if he did provide you with that specific information. they are his subjective impressions and "ymmv" as he said.
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  11. pieman3141
    A bit of an odd question, but have people tried to use the 820 pads on the 800/800S? Are they interchangeable? If so, what's the difference? Judging from the pictures, the headband is identical, correct?
  12. Art Garfunkel
    If I read correctly, it's a $2400 headphone that sounds different on different noggins and cup positioning? How would one measure or even know what the targeted sound was supposed to be?
  13. bfreedma
    I’ve experienced this on a number of headphones including the EL8 but it’s consistently gone away once the pads broke in a bit and were more compliant. Can’t speak specifically to the HD820, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason for what you’re describing.
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  14. QueueCumber
    I move them around until I find the most balanced sound throughout the frequency ranges where everything sounds well integrated and as natural as possible. It usually ends up being around the same spot every time. They are a little loose on my head, so if I move around I have to adjust them again.
  15. pietcux
    In my test session, I put them in notch 8 like on my HD800 and put them on my head without thinking much about the positioning. It just sat there naturally. But I am from the same German state as Sennheiser, maybe it was made to fit me, lol.
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